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IN THE NEWS: Bacteria May Be Remaking Drugs in Sewage The concentration of an anti-epileptic drug increased by 80 percent after going through wastewater treatment. The concentration of an antibiotic increased by 120 percent after treatment. The microbes used during the treatment process may “put back together” the broken down pharmaceuticals, resulting in increased concentrations. DRINK FILTERED WATER!!!

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WELLNESS: Study links common pesticide exposure to ADHD diagnosis in boys A new study has linked a commonly used pesticide to attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) in children and teens— specifically males. Pyrethoid pesticides became popular in the early 2000s after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned two other pesticides containing phosphorus. They are often considered a safe choice for residential pest control and public health purposes because they are not acutely toxic, Science Daily reported. For this study, researchers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center focused on data of 687 children between ages 8 and 15.Researchers found that boys with detectable urinary 3-PBA, a biomarker of exposure to pyrethroids, were three times as likely to have ADHD as those without a biomarker.

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CONDITION OF THE WEEK: HEART AND NATURAL HEALTH CARE Studies show chiropractic care can help with heart health, including lowering systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Adjustments to the cervical spine can also lower heart rate. Interference with cervical nerves can affect a variety of health conditions, especially those associated with the heart. Realigning the spine can help. Hypertension can be helped when specific adjustments are done to move the vertebrae back into place. Chiropractic combined with nutritional therapy can cause remarkable improvement to cardiovascular complaints. Nutritional therapy can clean out the arteries and reduce the inflammation that causes heart disease. There is no drug on the market that can outperform nutritional therapy for heart problems. Think chiropractic first, drug second, surgery last.

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FUNNY BONE: A Mexican bandit made a specialty of crossing the Rio Grande from time to time and robbing banks in Texas. Finally, a reward was offered for his capture, and an enterprising Texas ranger decided to track him down. After a lengthy search, he traced the bandit to his favorite cantina, snuck up behind him, put his trusty six-shooter to the bandit’s head, and said, “You’re under arrest. Tell me where you hid the loot or I’ll blow your brains out.” But the bandit didn’t speak English, and the Ranger didn’t speak Spanish. Fortunately, a bilingual lawyer was in the saloon and translated the Ranger’s message. The terrified bandit blurted out, in Spanish, that the loot was buried under the oak tree in back of the cantina. “What did he say?” asked the Ranger. The lawyer answered, “He said ‘Get lost, you turkey. You wouldn’t dare shoot me.'”





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