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IN THE NEWS: SCIENTISTS DISCOVER NEW ‘MICRO-ORGAN’ HIDING IN OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM Researchers from Australia’s Garvan Institute of Medical Research identified a structure that “remembers” past infections and vaccinations—and is filled with immune cells of many kinds which respond to pathogens that the body has encountered before. “The [micro-organ] was identified by a sophisticated microscopy technique called intravital two-photon microscopy,” Tri Phan, who led the research, told Newsweek. “This allows us to perform three-dimensional imaging in real-time by taking hundreds of ‘slices’ of the lymph node in a live animal in the same way a CAT scan takes hundreds of slices of a patient.” “So, this is a structure that’s been there all along, but no one’s actually seen it yet, because they haven’t had the right tools,” Phan said in the statement. “It’s a remarkable reminder that there are still mysteries hidden within the body—even though we scientists have been looking at the body’s tissues through the microscope for over 300 years.” Note: chiropractic philosophy states that the power that made the body can heal the body. This is just another example of the intelligence in the body that chiropractic releases with the adjustment.

WELLNESS: Is Detoxification Necessary? Everyone is exposed to toxins to a greater or lesser extent, and these chemicals are stored in your body. There are also synergistic effects when exposed to multiple chemicals. The dose of the toxin doesn’t really matter, because a low dose can be just as damaging as a high dose, especially when it comes to endocrine disrupting chemicals. For a detoxification program to be effective, the following three principles must be in place: mobilization, detoxification and excretion. Fasting is a powerful detoxification method as it promotes lipolysis and the mobilization of fat-soluble toxins. To avoid reabsorption, it’s important to take binding agents when fasting and sweat out the toxins, like using an infrared sauna. Having urine pH of 6.4 greatly increases the excretion of acidic xenobiotics and other toxins. The pH of the urine dictates whether a xenobiotic on its way out gets reabsorbed or gets excreted. One cause for acid urine, below 6.4, is due to toxicity drinking alkaline water and eating alkaline food can help your body detox. Note: we offer multiple formulas to help the body detox and for those who want to work with a food base detox program ask about our six-day cleansing diet.

CHIROPRACTIC:  CHIROPRACTIC MONTH every October we celebrate chiropractic month. If you know someone who suffers from some chronic disease or who has injured their spine you need to tell them about chiropractic month. During October if you refer someone to us for care they get a complementary exam and one x-ray to help them attain and maintain good health naturally. If you know someone who suffers from allergies, blood sugar problems, heart disease, skin problems, if they deal with anxiety and depression or sleep disorders chiropractic could help. October is national chiropractic month and we want to help your family and friends enjoy better health. But if you don’t tell them how will they know? People have to live with pain every day because they don’t know about chiropractic. They put their health and body at risk by taking pain pills of any type. Even ibuprofen can cause serious liver and kidney problems if taken chronically. Chiropractic is the most effective approach on the planet to resolve the source of painful conditions. Taking a pain pill does not fix the problem it just covers it up at some risk. As a chiropractic physician I have to find the underlying cause in order to resolve the pain because we don’t just use drugs to cover up symptoms. Under chiropractic care when someone is feeling better is because their body is getting healthier not because were suppressing the symptoms. American Chiropractic Association (ACA) has announced a national health care observance October is             National Chiropractic Month



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