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IN THE NEWS: One Superbug Meets Another: Ants Could Be the Key to Battling Antibiotic Resistance Antibiotic resistance is a huge crisis currently threatening the whole world. In fact, it’s such a big deal that it’s even being discussed by the UN General AssemblyAccording to estimates, more than 700,000 people die of drug-resistant infections each year across the globe, and bad bacteria continue to evolve against the treatments that do work. To help alleviate that problem, researchers are looking for answers in the unlikeliest of places: the backs of ants. Scientists have found ants that cultivate bacteria they can use against invading fungi and microbes, and it could be a potential new source for antibiotics. Researchers have narrowed down the search for these special ants to species that cultivate fungi as their food source, such as leaf-cutter ants, which are found in North and South America.

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WELLNESS: Can Apple Cider Vinegar Prevent Urinary Tract Infections? ACV has been used in traditional medicine for generations as a topical acne treatment; digestive issues like acid-reflux or constipation thanks to the malic acid content; insomnia; joint paintweight loss; and, according to 2007 study published in Diabetes Care, it could even help treat diabetes by lowering glucose levels. Holistic nutritionist, Lee Holmes, also cites other benefits to drinking the organic, unfiltered kind: “Studies have shown it can help to reduce appetite, lower bad cholesterol, aid digestion and even tone and clarify the skin,” she added. When it comes to avoiding UTIs and supporting general health, the reason ACV’s so effective is due to its ability to balance pH levels in your body, creating an alkalized state. It’s also a trifecta of antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral benefits. “It can be used as a natural antibiotic,” explained Holmes, adding that useful minerals lurking in sediment at the bottom of the bottle can curb infection. “Drinking apple cider vinegar can prevent the bacteria that cause UTIs from multiplying or growing,” she said.

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CHIROPRACTIC: NUMBNESS IN THE ARM AND HAND if you or someone you know suffers from numbness in the arm or hand then you’re most likely dealing with the neck problem. Sometimes you might not have any symptoms in your neck yet the tiny bones in your neck could be pressing on the nerves that go down to your fingertips. Besides nerve pressure an unresolved whiplash can cause compression on the discs in the neck and as they break down put pressure on the nerves to the fingers. Realignment of the neck can resolve this condition along with shoulder problems, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome as well as numbness or swelling in the hand. It’s important to understand you can have nerve pressure without pain. If you or someone you know suffers from this condition have them call 918-663-1111.

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FUNNY BONE:   I almost had a psychic girlfriend, ….. But she left me before we met.@@ Everyone has a photographic memory; some just don’t have film.@@ Negotiations between union members and their employer were at an impasse. The union denied that their workers were flagrantly abusing their contract’s sick-leave provisions.  One morning at the bargaining table, the company’s chief negotiator held aloft the morning edition of the newspaper, “This man,” he announced, “called in sick yesterday!” There, on the sports page, was a photo of the supposedly ill employee, who had just won a local golf tournament with an excellent score. A union negotiator broke the silence in the room. “Wow,” he said. “Think of what kind of score he could have had if he hadn’t been sick!”
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