Phantom Organ Response

Phantom Organ Response

An interesting phenomenon that has been observed over the years is called phantom limb pain. This is the distressing problem suffered by some amputees. After a traumatic loss of a limb, they begin to suffer from pain or other symptoms in the missing limb. Some think they are going insane; others have gone back to their surgeon, thinking that their missing arm was improperly buried.

For years the medical community would discount the symptoms as an emotional response to the loss and send the patient to a psychiatrist.

Chiropractic has shown this to be a physical condition that can be helped by removing pressure on the nerves that lead to the missing part. Pain that is felt in a hand or foot is really perceived in the brain at the area mapped out for that part. The body does not need the part itself in order to give a sensation of the part. If the nerve to the arm is pinched in the neck, then pain can be registered in the brain, even if the arm is missing. This is a major cause of phantom pain.

This phenomenon can also cause phantom organ response readings in Vega testing or other functional testing procedures. This can also explain why many people who have had their gallbladder removed still have a lot of gallbladder pain after surgery.

So if testing finds a reading on an organ that you no longer have, that is called a “phantom organ response” reading. That reading can be a source of pain or dysfunction, and thus needs correction like any other finding.

The treatment could be nutritional or could involve working with balancing reflexes within the body.

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