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Chiropractic Care

Government studies show that spinal adjusting is the number one active treatment for the cause of back pain. Also in 2008 the "Journal of human hypertension" found chiropractic as successful in controlling blood pressure as if the patient was given two different blood pressure medications at the same time. A study on infants suffering from colic showed chiropractic adjustments more effective than the standard drug given for that condition. What's interesting is chiropractic was discovered in the case of deafness not back pain. The nervous system that's housed within the brain and spinal cord controls and coordinates every organ, part and system of the body as well as relating the individual to his or her environment through the five senses. When a chiropractic physician evaluates a patient for any condition connecting dysfunctional spinal segments to the organ or area of patient's complaint is an important part of the diagnostic process. Even though the chiropractic physician might utilize several different tools in helping a patient regained their health, spinal adjusting could be a crucial one.

Chiropractic is both safe, natural and effective in a large range of health problems. Only a chiropractic physician can tell if you would benefit from chiropractic care. No other physician type has had the necessary training, experience or expertise to determine the appropriateness of chiropractic intervention. If you're suffering from any type of health problem, be it allergies or back pain, digestive problems, cholesterol problems or hormonal problems treat the cause of your problems not the symptoms. Chiropractic specializes in finding the underlying cause of your health problem and addresses that. Symptom relief care gives the disease process time to get worse. Choose a natural approach. Choose chiropractic, the world's largest natural healing art.

VEGA Testing

Dr. Keefe is one of the few U.S. physicians trained in this unique testing procedure which can determine the source of organ dysfunction, as well as locate other sites of developing disease in the body.

Vega Testing utilizes a little known, highly specialized reflex system in the body. This approach consists of monitoring the body's reaction to specific substances through a non-invasive muscle response phenomenon. This system finds problems that are routinely overlooked or require expensive laboratory or surgical procedures to detect. VEGA testing also allows a way of zeroing in on effective treatment.

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy is the art and science of using nutritional products to correct the biochemical factors associated with disease. As a physician specializing in natural health care nutritional therapy is an important component in helping patients regain their health. Just like in drug therapists might use drugs to target the symptom of the condition we use nutritional products to target the cause of conditions. When patients respond to nutritional therapy it's due to the fact that healing is taking place not that we have just suppressed the symptoms. The foundation of nutritional therapy of course is a proper diet. And what constitutes a proper diet can be different for different individuals. Once we determine the type of eating program a patient should be following we add to that targeted nutritional therapy to address the specific deficiencies associated with their specific health complaints. Your body has a tremendous capacity for healing. But it is important to have a healthy soil, so to speak, for health to flourish. Part of that healthy soil depends on the right balance of key nutritional elements. Unfortunately just taking a multivitamin does not begin to address the complexities found in many chronic health problems. Self treatment is also not recommended. With the diagnostic and evaluation tools at our disposal we can find a specific formulas that will be the most effective in your health recovery. This also allows us to narrow down just to the key products that you need. Your body many times has powerful healing properties that are locked up due to both nutritional and nervous system imbalances. Targeted nutritional therapy is one of the keys to unlock this potential for health.