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Bad posture doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a gradual process. Bad posture is a response to how you hold your body in various positions, such as sitting, slouching and standing. After a period of time, your posture muscles become weak and other muscles take over the work, making it comfortable to slouch.

Your body responds to your bad postural habits, and soon begins to adapt to these habitual poses until they begin to feel “normal “, making it comfortable to slouch and end up with all kinds of aches and pains – because your back muscles are overworked and overstretched.

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Typical problems relating to bad posture include back ache, headaches, muscle fatigue and strain. Even the position and function of major organs can be affected by bad posture.

The common manifestations of bad posture are swayback (a large curve in the back) and slouching, where everything moves forward and rolls in.

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Computer use is the cause of a significant number of injuries related to posture and positioning. High heeled shoes, boots, tight clothing and wide belts also shift our center of gravity and move us out of normal alignment.

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In order to remedy the problem of bad posture, postural exercises and stretching must be done. This is where the Posture Blocks therapeutic cushion comes into play. Posture Blocks lets gravity do all the work and replicates some of the recommended postural exercises. All you have to do is lay on the cushion! Allowing gravity to stretch the muscles is less harmful than forcing a stretch on an overworked, tight muscle. Sometimes people overstretch their muscles causing damage to the tissues.

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Posture Blocks starts stretching the chest area and relaxes the back muscles as soon as you lay on it, relieving the tension and stress in the upper body caused by poor posture.

For best results, integrate the Posture Blocks cushion into your lifestyle. Make it part of your daily routine. The benefits of the Posture Blocks cushion are so numerous it will literally change your quality of life!

How the Posture Blocks Posture Cushion Works

The special contours and foam density of the Posture Blocks cushion causes your body weight, along with the pull of Gravity to stretch muscles that need to be stretched and relax muscles that need to be relaxed. Imagine an exercise program that works by you doing nothing except lie on the cushion!

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This is what Posture Blocks can accomplish for you:

* Reduces Forward Head Posture;

    * Stretches the front upper body tissues;

    * Shortens the back tissues;

    * Stimulates the spinal postural muscles;

    * Increases circulation;

    * Opens up the chest region, increasing respiratory functions;

    * Alleviates upper AND lower back, shoulder and neck pain;

    * Relieves muscle tension;

    * Improves posture by aligning head, neck and upper body in correct position;

    * Reduces slouching, improving self confidence;

    * Relieves TMJ.

Can you think of any other product that can achieve so much?

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For best results, Posture Blocks should be used daily for 5 to 20 minutes. Once you are used to the cushion, you can extend the usage over time, but do not use it for longer than 20 minutes at a time. Remember, your Posture Blocks is a therapeutic cushion, NOT a pillow. DO NOT sleep on your Posture Blocks.


“All my life I have had ’rounded shoulders’ and not a very good standing position, since the first use of Posture Blocks my shoulders have pulled back and I have noticed the strain I felt in my neck and shoulders disappear. I am more upright and my chest size seems to have increased because it is pushed out now instead of being pulled under.

The first time I used Posture Blocks I also noticed an adjustment in my TMJ within moments of standing up.

Posture Blocks is extremely comfortable and I find it very easy to completely relax and drift off to sleep often. Wonderful product!!!

I now recommend it to my patients who are also noting changes in their posture – even from the first time of use!” — Ian J Holmes, Bowen Therapist, Bradford, England

“I have never seen any device work quicker with greater patient compliance, not even traction. Posture Blocks works. Period”.– Dr. Joseph Ventura, posture expert and author of the Posture Pro computerized posture analysis system.

“I just received the Posture Blocks today – and I absolutely love it. I knew what my neck has looked like since chiropractic school, and have been using all sorts of ideas trying to restore the curve to my neck. I had a lateral film taken a few months back, and to my dismay, my neck was still as straight as it was when I left school three years ago. Anyways, after using it for 20 minutes on my lunch hour today, I could notice a difference already — so I had my CA take a lateral film to see if anything changed. I couldn’t believe it For the first time in years, there was a curve! Obviously, I still have work to do, but I was amazed to see a physical change on x-ray after one use!”

— Dr. Lisa Olszewski, Chelsea, MI

“After so many years of physical abuse playing in the NBA, my body was really sore and tired. Then I discovered Posture Blocks. What a relief! For the first time in many years my upper body is relaxed and free of pain.”– Wallace Bryant , former NBA Center and Power Forward for the Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Clippers, Philadelphia 76er’s and Orlando Magic.

“It’s working great! My shoulder is no longer hurting and my shoes are wearing properly (the actual sole of the shoe and not the side of the sole). I’m not a chiropractor, just a person who found your web site while searching for answers to my problem which I had figured out was impingement of my right shoulder because of improper posture because of the FHP. I no longer walk with my face pointing downwards, and I now see more of the world 🙂 I do have to remind myself about my mental habit if I starting seeing my shoes again when walking.”

— Chris Osborn, Long Beach, CA

“I have been using Posture Blocks daily for about a month now in conjunction with physical therapy, and the results are amazing. My posture has improved remarkably, and my neck and shoulder aches are almost completely gone. This is probably one of the only products in the market that treats FHP problems with convenience, ease, and efficacy. I strongly recommend it.”

— L. Pichoo, Malaysia

“Using Posture Blocks for only two days and I can already see and feel an improvement in my posture. My round shoulders aren’t round anymore! Amazing!”– Carolyn Wilson BTAA, Retired Nurse & Bowen Therapist, Lancaster, England

“The Posture Blocks is a miraculously simple assistive device which could allow everyone to experience the naturalness of normal good posture. Thank you for making this product available and affordable to my patients.”

— Dr. Karen DeYoung, Alexandria, Virginia

“I ordered your product and had one of my patients try it and she really has benefited from it. In fact she began to have an increase in her pain when she didn’t use it and had to return to see me. She fortunately has been corrected and now back to using the product and is very satisfied.”– Judith Whatley P.T., Houston, TX

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