Understanding the electrical nature of the body



The body consist of structural, chemical and electrical magnetic components. As a chiropractic physician we work with the structural through realignment techniques called adjustments. As far as the chemical component of the body that’s where diet and nutritional therapy play an important balancing role. But the electrical nature of the body is something a lot of people don’t understand. Science has measured all types of electromagnetic fields that emanate from the body, sound, light, even x-ray and microwave energy have been detected. These electromagnetic fields are generated from chemical reactions in the body but there might be other sources for some of these electrical activities.

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Electromagnetic fields can have both a positive and a negative effect on your body and thus your health. I have seen patients who have had health challenges due to power lines and generators running across their property. Some people seem to be more susceptible to electromagnetic fields than others. The use of magnets for controlling pain has a long history of success. Acupuncture is a form of electrical therapy, by the appropriate stimulation of certain key points you can help not only pain but regulate certain functions in the body as well. At Keefe clinic we have used different forms of acupuncture for almost 40 years with great success. We don’t always use needles to stimulate points because electrical stimulation and tiny tape-on stimulators can work equally as well. Classic acupuncture recognizes 12 meridians (electrical circuits) in the body that have an influence on how the body functions.

Dr. Keefe, Keefe Clinic. Tulsa Chiropractor, pain, natural health care.


Just like the regulatory function of your nervous system, which utilizes a chemical/electrical property to control and coordinate your body, the acupuncture meridians and the energy that flows through those have a similar regulatory influence. Now if this electrical system is an independent system or just an extension of the nervous system we’re not for sure. They obviously have an influence one on the other but much more research is needed to understand how they interact. When we work with the Meridian system we can simply hold and torque a point and get a response from the body. For instance let’s talk about shoulder dysfunction for second. We have many methods to help restore normal range of motion when it is limited in the shoulder but one of them is what we call Meridian bending. We can have a patient who can only raise their arm about 90° due to pain or joint locking and then when we put pressure on the right point and torque it they can immediately raise to 180° which is normal range of motion for the shoulder. Not all shoulder problems are surgical, in fact probably most shoulder problems can be resolved with a combination of natural therapies. But every time that I see a patient go from 45° to 90° limited shoulder range of motion to a normal range of motion immediately after Meridian bending it amazes both me and the patient. But this shows how electrical problems can cause disruption in the normal muscular coordination of the complex shoulder joint. Simply, if one or more muscles are not in proper tone this can throw the shoulder out of balance causing limited range of motion. The same type of Meridian therapy can eliminate pain immediately in some cases or even improve function of internal organs.

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Electrical imbalances can be caused by emotional stress, electrical stress with sensitive patients, like from computers, cell phones etc. and also can be caused by physical trauma. There are several ways to diagnose imbalances in the electrical system as well as several ways to correct the imbalance. The use of light (colors), magnetic stimulation, electrical stimulation, homeopathic remedies, sound (music), classical acupuncture needles and stimulators called press needles (tiny little thumbtack like stimulator) can help bring the electrical balance back to the Meridian system. As we have alluded to earlier when your electrical system is out of balance this can affect your moods, energy, function of organs and glands, causing structural problems and different types of pain patterns etc.

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If you have a chronic health issue and no one else has been able to help you it could be that you have an electrical imbalance. As a chiropractic physician we consider structural, chemical and electrical issues when we are trying to help a patient recover their health. Most physicians have never been trained in treating let alone diagnosing electrical problems. Most physicians look at you as a bag of chemicals that need to be manipulated with other chemicals, this is not healthcare.

You only have one body and if you treat it well it will treat you well. Stay healthy!