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IN THE NEWS: Multiple chemical sensitivities is an overlooked worldwide health epidemic causing massive health problems Amid the many challenges facing our modern world today, perhaps none is greater than what’s going on in our own bodies – especially as it relates to multiple chemical sensitivities. Research shows that chronic health disease is on the rise – and unfortunately, it’s an epidemic that can’t only be explained by the fact that people are, by and large, living longer (and therefore sticking around long enough to develop age-related health problems).  For example, the rates of asthma, autism, and other life-altering conditions in children – as well as adults – are increasing, creating a sizable public health crisis. After analyzing survey results of a nationally representative sample of over 1,000 Americans, a team of researchers from the University of Melbourne discovered that 1 in 4 Americans suffer from chemical sensitivity – and their health suffers as a result. Common adverse effects that are associated with multiple chemical sensitivities reported in the literature include migraine headaches, asthma, autism, and even lost workdays, productivity, and employment. The researchers published their results in a 2018 volume of the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Importantly, they defined multiple chemical sensitivity, or MCS, as “a medical condition characterized by adverse health effects from exposure to common chemicals and pollutants, from products such as pesticides, new carpet and paint, renovation materials, diesel exhaust, cleaning supplies, perfume, scented laundry products, and air fresheners.” Go organic. Opt for produce that is pesticide-free, minimize your use of canned foods, and wash your food thoroughly. Avoid using plastic food containers and water bottles, especially with #7 or #3 on the bottom – choose glass or stainless steel instead. Choose natural household beauty products that are free of harsh chemicals and fragrances. Get your home checked for radon and ensure your home has high quality ventilation. While you’re at it, grow some indoor plants to help purify your air!

WELLNESS: The Effectiveness of Ginger for Nausea, Vomiting and More

Ginger was once considered a luxury, but now is easily found in your local grocery store; steep a couple of slices in hot water to make tea or grate it into your dinner dish to enjoy its benefits, which include relief from pain, nausea and vomiting related to pregnancy and chemotherapy, and protection against DNA damage. The reduction in pain is believed to be related to inhibition of prostaglandin and leukotriene biosynthesis by gingerol, shogaol and other structurally-related substances in ginger. In one study, researchers found ginger extract was able to break biofilm formed by fungi and had antifungal properties against opportunistic infections in the oral cavity triggered by Candida albicans and Candida krusei. Migraines are the third most common disease worldwide; the economic burden is estimated at $36 billion annually. Scientific evidence now shows ginger is statistically comparable to the common pharmaceutical treatment for migraines without dangerous side effects.

CHIROPRACTIC: Natural laws of health: Diet, exercise, attitude, rest and a pressure free nervous system lets look at exercise Exercise is a word that might conjure up images of sweating, groaning and hard work.  Exercise also brings to mind fitness, endurance and a well shaped body.  The type of exercise that a person needs depends on the person’s goals.  If you want to sculpture your body, then weight lifting might be your fastest form.  If you want to keep in shape, then toning and stretching might be the best. When it comes to your health, then the type of exercise needed should relate to your metabolism.  For instance, if you’re a T- type endurance is important, so maybe jogging, aerobic dancing or swimming would serve you best.  If you’re a G- type then mind/body exercises that concentrate on upper body coordination are best, like kung fu or karate, ballet or jazz dancing.  If you’re a P- type you need mind/body exercises that are not highly repetitive.  P-types need complicated aerobic exercise: Tai chi or karate with a balanced nautilus program once a week.  And A- types need to develop hand/eye coordination like tennis, ballet, racquetball and need to avoid rowing and weight lifting as they overstimulate their systems. There is no one exercise that fits everybody so finding one you enjoy is the key.  Also finding ways to keep motivated are crucial, like having a friend that you exercise with.  Exercise needs to become part of your lifestyle or else you will not be able to stay with it.  You need to find a way to integrate exercise within your schedule.  The rewards of proper exercise will far outweigh the cost.

FUNNY BONES: “I am studying to be an interpreter in France. The only exam that I have failed so far is the Spanish one. It would be okay if I weren’t a native Spanish speaker.”@@“I punished my pupil for faking his parents’ signatures. The next day, his parents sent a complaint about me to the principal. Well, I couldn’t have imagined that the maiden name of his mother was Batman.”@@“I opened a Nivea cream bottle and licked the foil. Turns out, it’s not as tasty as yogurt.”@@“I am traveling around Ireland. Decided to take a funny photo with a sheep wearing my glasses. So if you meet a sheep in Ray-Ban shades…” @@“Our system administrator is on vacation. I don’t know how he does it but every morning, there appears to be a new splash screen on all the office computers — and it’s of him on the beach.”@@“After a year of being a bachelor, I met a very nice 24-year-old girl. When she found out I didn’t have a smartphone, a TV set, or an account on Facebook, she got scared and left me. While saying goodbye to me she added that she’d better find someone ’normal’ for herself.”@@“4 days before our wedding, my bride broke her left ring finger@@ “I asked a trainee to make 150 copies. She made only 50. When I told her about it, she threw the already-made copies into a garbage bin… and went to make new ones.”@@““Today, a Russian man asked me if I came from Russia. Being surprised, I answered that I didn’t. Then he explained that my tattoos translated to belonging to the mafia. Hmm!”@@ “I was on vacation in Australia. When I was sleeping, an enormously huge and creepy insect crawled on my bed and then disappeared. I couldn’t find it. That was the longest night of my life.”@@ “I work as a receptionist in a hotel. Today clients wrote a complaint saying that the water in the sea was too salty