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IN THE NEWS: Steps to keep your brain healthy “Research summarized in the advisory convincingly demonstrates that the same risk factors that cause atherosclerosis, are also major contributors to late-life cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease. By following seven simple steps — Life’s Simple 7 — not only can we prevent heart attack and stroke, we may also be able to prevent cognitive impairment,” said vascular neurologist Philip Gorelick, M.D., M.P.H., the chair of the advisory’s writing group and executive medical director of Mercy Health Hauenstein Neurosciences in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Life’s Simple 7 outlines a set of health factors developed by the American Heart Association to define and promote cardiovascular wellness. Studies show that these seven factors may also help foster ideal brain health in adults.The Life’s Simple 7 program urges individuals to:Manage blood pressure, Control cholesterol, Keep blood sugar normal, Get physically active, Eat a healthy diet, Lose extra weight, Don’t start smoking or quit. Note: besides these detoxification, coconut oil, fish oil and B complex will help support a healthy nervous system.

WELLNESS: Croup is mainly characterized by an infection of the child’s larynx (voice box) and trachea (windpipe), which are the upper and lower parts of the breathing tube connecting the mouth to the top of the lungs. Croup is common among infants and toddlers who are 6 months to 3 years old. Most croup cases occur in 1-year-old children. However, babies as young as 3 months old can develop croup, too. The same goes for older children up to 15 years old and adults (albeit rare). A viral infection is considered to be the most common cause of croup, usually the parainfluenza I virus. Children or babies can develop croup when they inhale respiratory droplets that are either coughed or sneezed out by infected people from their surroundings. Fluids: besides a cool mist humidifier as prevention, A well-hydrated patient can recover more quickly. Try increasing liquid intake to the maximum. Breast milk and water are highly recommended for infants, while older children can drink water, soups or bone broth. Other good options include organic vegetable broth, herbal teas, fresh lemonade or fruit pulp. Raw honey: This is an effective croup cough treatment, since it may reduce bedtime coughing and induce sleep. However, raw honey mustn’t be given to children less than a year old because of the risk for botulism (a rare but serious disease triggered by toxins from the Clostridium botulinum bacteria20). Lemon tea: It can help alleviate throat pain and stimulate the immune system. Mix some ginger with the juice of half a lemon and add to hot water. Elderberry flowers: These can assist in boosting the immune system, alleviating respiratory problems and helping relieve congestion. Horsemint: Also known as bee balm, horsemint can help relieve severe cough. Boil two to three horsemint leaves in a cup of hot water and have the patient sip the tea two to three times daily to improve breathing. Wild cherry bark: This herb can help soothe throat irritation and deliver anti-inflammatory properties. Wild cherry bark can be inhaled or consumed as tea. Betel leaves: A child can get relief from croup by consuming tea made from betel leaves two to three times a day. Say ‘No’ to Steroids as a Croup Treatment.

CHIROPRACTIC:Keep the spark of life at 100% Health is when everything is functioning properly. Function is controlled by your nervous system thus stress on your nervous system will affect function. The degree of function equals your level of health. Your body has multiple functions working at the same time that require coordination in order to have a healthy body. It’s your nervous system, your brain and spinal cord and the thousands upon thousands of spinal nerves that are responsible for this coordination. Chiropractic adjustments maintain the communication between the central nervous system and every part, organ and cell in your body. Life causes stress and stress can impact the muscles which control vertebral position. A chiropractic adjustment not only helps reduce stress but assure the normal communication,in the body, is not hindered. As communication is restored so is health. Spinal realignments are the only treatment that improves function at its source. Stay regular with your chiropractic adjustments, getting care only when you hurt is waiting too long. Medicine is about disease and what makes people die. Chiropractic is about life and what makes people live. 

FUNNY BONES: You can’t be late until you show up.@@ I’m objective; I object to everything.@@ When there’s a will, I want to be in it!@@ Vegetarian: Indian word for BAD HUNTER!@@ Campers: Nature’s way of feeding mosquitoes.@@ If I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong.@@ Some people hear voices.. Some see invisible people.. Others have no imagination whatsoever.@@ I never forget a face, but in your case I’ll be glad to make an exception. ~ Groucho Marx@@ We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.@@ Age mellows some people; others it makes rotten.@@ The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age. – Lucille Ball@@ When I was young I was called a rugged individualist. When I was in my fifties I was considered eccentric. Here I am doing and saying the same things I did then and I’m labeled senile. – George Burns@@ Children really brighten up a household. They never turn the lights off.@@ In general my children refuse to eat anything that hasn’t danced in television.  Erma Bombeck