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DIET:4 health benefits of cinnamon Better heart healthIn a recent study from Penn State, researchers found that a diet rich in spices, like cinnamon and turmeric, helped curb the negative effects of downing a fatty meal. Blood sugar regulation In research led by U.S. Department of Agriculture, scientists found that antioxidant-rich cinnamon extract helped reduce risk factors associated with diabetes and heart disease. Better brain function Research shows that just smelling cinnamon enhances cognitive processing, but consuming it significantly ups brain function. Parkinson’s protection In animal research supported by grants from National Institutes of Health, scientists found that after ground cinnamon is ingested, it’s metabolized into a substance called sodium benzoate, which enters into the brain. In mice with Parkinson’s, the positive effects included neuron protection, normalized levels of neurotransmitters, and improved motor functions.

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IN THE NEWS: Virtual reality affects brain’s ‘GPS cells’ Researchers recorded rats’ brain activity while the rodents ran on tiny treadmills in a virtual reality setup. In the virtual world, the animals’ brains did not form a mental map of their surroundings like the ones they form in real-life settings, the study showed. Scientists have found that brain cells act as a positioning system, by creating a mental map of an environment from visual input as well as sounds, smells and other information. The discovery of these “GPS cells” was awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine.

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CONDITION OF THE WEEK: Carpal tunnel syndrome pain in the wrist and hand along with numbness is usually involvement of the median nerve that runs from the neck down into the fingers. Misalignments in the neck can be a common cause for this condition; surgery is rarely the appropriate treatment. Certain B vitamin deficiencies can be behind the painful nerve condition. A combination of chiropractic care, specific exercises, appropriate therapies, and nutritional therapy can resolve this in most all cases.

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FUNNY BONE:   Dollar Tree bought Family Dollar for about $8 billion. It would have been $10 billion, but Family Dollar was dented. One Christmas, my grandfather gave me a boxof broken glass. He gave my brother a box of
Band-Aids and said, “You two share.” Can’t believe the National Spelling Bee ended in a tye. Richard Branson has announced plans to develop a new type of plane that can fly from New York 
to Tokyo in one hour. Apparently, the engines are
powered by human screams.

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