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IN THE NEWS: Most Shocking Medical Mistakes, and How You Can Protect Yourself Each day, more than 40,000 harmful and/or lethal medical errors occur in the U.S., and preventable medical errors kill around 440,000 patients each year, making medical mistakes the third leading cause of death. One in 25 patients end up acquiring an infection while in the hospital, and 75,000 people per year die as a result. Since 1983, 132 newborns have been abducted from U.S. health care facilities, and hundreds of individuals have been caught posing as doctors when, in fact, they did not have a medical degree. Misdiagnoses may occur in 10 percent of all cases, and 30 million prescriptions are improperly dispensed each year in U.S. pharmacies. Two in 10,000 surgical patients come out of surgery with a surgical instrument left inside, and an estimated seven patients undergo surgery on the wrong body part each and every day. Just a few reasons to pick natural healthcare. A seven-year study showed that those patients whose primary physician was a chiropractic physician experienced: 85% less than pharmaceutical costs, 60% fewer outpatient surgeries, 60% fewer hospital admissions.

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WELLNESS: HALF of America’s cancer deaths are driven by bad habits like eating processed meat, smoking, and excess body weight – but some are worse for men than women Dr Farhad Islami, MD, of the American Cancer Society, compiled a comprehensive list of known risk factors, and how risky each one is, based on previously-published data.  His team then applied those figures to actual cancer data from 2014 to roughly calculate how many cases and deaths were attributable to those lifestyle factors. The risk factors included in the analysis were:  cigarette smoking- secondhand smoke- excess body weight -alcohol intake -consumption of red and processed meat- low consumption of fruits and vegetables- dietary fiber and dietary minerals -physical inactivity -ultraviolet light- six cancer-associated infections, including herpes and HPV. They found that an estimated 42 percent of all cancer cases in America (659,640 of the 1,570,975 cancers diagnosed in 2014) were attributable to these modifiable risk factors. These factors were also the underlying cause of 45.1 percent of cancer deaths (265,150 of 587,521 deaths) that same year.  Staggeringly, they believe this is an understatement, since there are other risk factors that they couldn’t get the data for. There are also a number of cancers which are widely suspected to be caused by certain risk factors, but the links are not yet proven. NOTE: These are general recommendations or observations and so it’s important to individualize a program based on your genetic makeup. The body type system, that we follow, has specific dietary recommendations, exercise programs and recommendations on stress handling. Individualizing your preventive approach is important. Know your body type!

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CONDITION OF THE WEEK: Winter colds and flu’s and sinus infections. Keeping your air passages healthy during the winter months can help prevent wintertime illness. The flu vaccine has not gotten the correct form of the flu bug for the past 10 years. Not only is the flu vaccine a danger to your health, given all the additives that it has, there has not been any valid study showing its effectiveness. Maintaining the health of your respiratory system is the key. Vitamins like A&D, C and maintaining a healthy humidity is your best defense against winter illness. Studies have shown keeping your neck and your head warm during the winter months also protect you from illness. As the weather turns colder and the heaters start working 24/7 then the indoor air will start drying out. Studies have shown that dry air has four main effects on the human body: Breathing dry air is a potential health hazard which can cause such respiratory ailments as asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, and nosebleeds, or general dehydration since body fluids are depleted during respiration. Skin moisture evaporation can cause skin irritations and eye itching. Irritative effects, such as static electricity which causes mild shocks when metal is touched, are common when the air moisture is low. The “apparent temperature” of the air is lower than what the thermometer indicates, and the body “feels” colder. As your body fights the dry air you start to use up your vitamin A stores. This enhances the dry skin and sinus problems as well as weakens your immune system. It is important that you have a humidity gauge in each bedroom and a cool mist humidifier to combat the dry air. I recommend the ultrasonic humidifiers as they put the most water in the air. The healthy humidity should be between 40 and 60% below 40% starts drying out your body above 60% can cause mold overgrowth and your windows will steam up. You can control your families wintertime health by following these simple recommendations.

FUNNY BONE: Doctor: “I’m sorry but you suffer from a terminal illness and have only 10 to live.” Patient: “What do you mean, ,10? 10 what? Months? Weeks?!”  Doctor: “Nine.”@@ Anton, do you think I’m a bad mother? My name is Paul.@@ My dog used to chase people on a bike a lot. It got so bad, finally I had to take his bike away.@@ Mother: “How was school today, Patrick?” Patrick: “It was really great mum! Today we made explosives!” Mother: “Ooh, they do very fancy stuff with you these days. And what will you do at school tomorrow?” Patrick: “What school?”@@ A wife complains to her husband: “Just look at that couple down the road, how lovely they are. He keeps holding her hand, kissing her, holding the door for her, why can’t you do the same?” The husband: “Are you mad? I barely know that woman!”@@ Scene: Me using the Siri app on my iPhone. Me: Siri, call my wife. Siri: Samantha McLaughlin is not in your contacts. Me: Samantha Gibbs is my wife. Siri: I’ve added Samantha Gibbs as your wife. Me: Call my wife. Siri: Which wife?    Visit our web sites:  keefeclinic.com & facebook.com/keefeclinic