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IN THE NEWS: READING FROM A TABLET BEFORE BED MAY AFFECT SLEEP QUALITY  People who read from an iPad for 30 minutes before going to sleep felt less sleepy and had different electrical activity in the brain during sleep than those who read from a physical book, a recent study found. But the time it took to fall asleep and time spent sleeping were similar under both conditions. However, “we found a delay of 30 minutes in the generation of the restorative slow waves during sleep in the iPad condition,” Gronli told Reuters Health by email. A new Apple OS update includes a nighttime mode, which takes into account the effects of too much blue light in the late evening by filtering it out, said Christian Cajochen, head of the Center for Chronobiology at the University of Basel in Switzerland who was not part of the new study.

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WELLNESS: 7 DOMESTIC FACTORS THAT CAN MAKE OR BREAK YOUR HEALTH More than 80,000 chemicals are put into American household products, food, and food packaging each year, a majority of which are not tested for safety beforehand. Common domestic sources of chemical exposure include food, personal care and feminine hygiene products, household cleaning agents, and items treated with flame retardants. Healthier alternatives are suggested. Factors such as light, temperature, and EMF emissions can also hamper your healthy lifestyle efforts by affecting your circadian rhythm, hampering sleep, and/or disrupting your biological functioning. Just another good reason to detoxify on a regular basis.

Dr. Keefe, Keefe Clinic. Tulsa Chiropractor, pain, natural health care.

CONDITION OF THE WEEK: Breaking the code of disease Part of the challenge that any doctor has is trying to understand and to help a patient with a certain condition. In chiropractic and natural healthcare we take a totally different approach in treating our patients. Instead of using drugs that just suppress symptoms, at a cost of sometimes serious side effects, chiropractors try to focus on the underlying cause. So what do we do if the cause is not generally recognized or understood? That’s where we have to break the code of disease to try to get to the root cause. There are a number of diseases that most doctors would say we don’t understand the cause yet chiropractic helps on a regular basis. That’s because most doctors don’t work with nutritional therapy, energy medicine or chiropractic adjustments. Besides standard tools like lab work, x-ray or physical exam we utilize a biofeedback technique that we call “Vega testing”. This allows us, in many cases, to unravel the underlying cause of a given condition for each patient. For instance let’s talk about chronic fatigue syndrome it’s been my experience that what works for one patient doesn’t necessarily work for the next. But with the understanding the body can heal itself and working with the body’s intelligence we can usually unravel the hidden code for a particular condition.

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