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IN THE NEWS: FDA revisits safety of health care antiseptics such as Purell After roughly 40 years, U.S. health regulators are seeking data to see if the cocktail of ingredients in antiseptics used in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes are as safe and effective as they were once considered. The Food and Drug Administration said on Thursday it is asking manufacturers for more data, including on absorption, potential hormonal effects and bacterial resistance of these ‘active’ ingredients in antiseptics, to see if they are still appropriate for use in a health care setting. NOTE: antiseptic products have been associated with antibiotic resistant organisms AND thus the use of these could contribute to hospital infections that could be deadly. Hydrogen peroxide and nixall are safe antiseptics and are used by your own white blood cells to kill bacteria.

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WELLNESS: Boost Your Brain Health by Developing a Higher Purpose in Life prevents stroke and promotes longer life One of the five laws of health that we promote is a positive mental and spiritual attitude. Personality traits like optimism and having a sense of purpose can benefit your health in a number of different ways, and ultimately help you live longer. One recent study found that having a sense of purpose reduced odds of suffering a stroke by 44 percent. Happiness, optimism, life satisfaction, and other positive psychological attributes are also associated with a lower risk of heart disease. Find your purpose, live your purpose.

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CONDITION OF THE WEEK: Degenerative joint disease There are different reasons that people develop degenerative changes in their spine and other joints of their body but misalignments can be a big factor. When in joint is out of alignment and you use it repetitively that produces abnormal stresses on the structures of the joint causing a breakdown. Inflammatory chemistry will amplify these misalignments and accelerate the destructive forces leading to forms of arthritis. Chiropractic care along with good diet and exercise can help prevent degenerative joint disease. Patients who maintain some type of ongoing chiropractic care enjoy a lot better health than those who don’t. Stay regular with your care, eat right, increase the anti-inflammatory foods in your diet, exercise (movement equals life) and maintain a positive mental and spiritual attitude. Live long and prosper.

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 FUNNY BONES:  Churchill Downs, which hosts the Kentucky Derby, has banned the use of selfie sticks this year. Officials say that if you want to block someone’s view of the race, just do what everyone else does and wear an insanely giant hat. Jimmy Fallon  “In a recent poll, one in four people said they’d donate a kidney to a complete stranger. Yeah, sure… 90 percent of people won’t even let a stranger merge in traffic!” —Jay Leno My friend Tom said he stopped watching golf on TV. His doctor recommended that he get more exercise. So now he watches tennis.





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