WEEKLY HEALTH UPDATE Week of: Monday NOV. 18, 2013

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WELLNESS/PREVENTION:  COMMON INSECTICIDES MAY BE LINKED TO KIDS’ BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS  Organophosphate pesticides are known for their hazards to human health. Prenatal exposure, for example, has been linked to delayed brain development, reduced IQ, and attention deficits. Now, Canadian research suggests pyrethroids may be associated with behavior problems in children.  As reported by Scientific American3: “The findings raise some questions about the safety of the compounds, which have replaced other insecticides with known risks to children’s brain development. Exposure to pyrethroids, which kill insects by interfering with their nervous systems, is widespread because they are used inside homes and schools, in municipal mosquito control and on farms.”  

IN THE NEWS:  RISK OF DEPRESSION INCREASED BY LONG-TERM USE OF PRESCRIPTION PAINKILLERS It’s not entirely clear how the drugs may be involved in depression, although it is widely known that they have a strong impact on your brain. The drugs work by binding to receptors in your brain to decrease the perception of pain. But they also create a temporary feeling of euphoria followed by dysphoria that can easily lead to physical dependence and addiction. The researchers speculated that there could be numerous factors linking opioid painkillers with depression: “Some of these include opioid-induced resetting of the brain’s ‘reward pathway’ to a higher level, which means the chronic use of narcotic pain killers can elevate the threshold for a person’s ability to experience pleasure from natural rewards such as a food or sexual activity. Other factors may include body aches months and years after the use of opioids has stopped, side effects such as adrenal, testosterone and vitamin D deficiencies and glucose dysregulation.”

CHIROPRACTIC: CHIROPRACTIC SUCCESS STORY My name is Pam. I started Chiropractic Care because of frequent migraines and shoulder pain with numbness. I was suffering from migraines every week. At its worst I would be in bed for days on pain medication. I also had high blood pressure hovered at approximately 140/97, sometimes it would get at high as 160/105, even though I was on 100mg of Toprol. In the past with other treatments the physicians didn’t seriously address the pains I had. I was given medication for my blood pressure and migraines. Since starting care the frequency and intensity of my migraines have been drastically reduced. In fact, it has been almost 4 months since my last migraine. I no longer take Toprol. My blood pressure has dropped significantly, sometimes it gets as low as 117/78. I have also noticed that the shoulder pain is gone and after a year of care the numbness along my spine is gone and the sensation has returned!


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