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IN THE NEWS: FLORIDA MAN PLACED IN A COMA AFTER E-CIGARETTE EXPLOSION Evan Spahlinger, 21, is in critical condition after he was found on the floor covered in soot by family members, WINK News reported.   “I found my bother not breathing, with his whole face burned and his neck burned and trying to throw up a little or maybe he was gasping for air, so I called 911, “They said he has internal and external burns and damage to his lungs for the explosion itself,” Richardson told WINKNews.com. “And possibly the mouth piece went, when the cigarette exploded, it went down his throat and exploded again.”

 Dr. Keefe, Keefe Clinic. Tulsa Chiropractor, pain, natural health care.

WELLNESS: HEALTH BENEFITS OF HEMP Hemp and marijuana come from the same plant species, Cannabis sativa, but there are noted differences between the two plants. The US is the world’s largest consumer of hemp products, yet is the only industrialized country that also outlaws its production. Hemp grows like a weed and can be used in the production of food, personal care products, textiles, paper, and even plastic and construction materials. Hemp seeds are a valuable source of healthy fats, protein, and minerals.

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CONDITION OF THE WEEK: SUBLUXATION spinal misalignments are called subluxation which means a misalignment less than the dislocation. A dislocation is a surgical condition whereas subluxations are detected and corrected by chiropractic physicians. You can carry slight misalignments in your spine and not even feel them. You won’t feel them because there are different types of nerves within the nervous system. Only sensory nerves would display some type of symptom like pain, numbness, tingling or other sensations. Motor nerves do not register pain. Motor nerves control muscles, organs and glands. So the longer the subluxation remains uncorrected the more dysfunction that will develop within the body. As these misalignments rub improperly with other segments this produces inflammatory changes that lead to degenerative arthritis that shows up years after the misalignment. Unfortunately you might not ever feel the development ubtil it is producing severe stress upon the nervous system. Then it’s more difficult to correct. So be it neck or back, arm or leg pain or organs and systems not working properly chiropractic can help restore normal nervous system function.

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FUNNY BONE: I’m looking for a vitamin to supplement my income.@@ I Don’t always Lose My Phone but when I do it’s always on Silent.@@Shouldn’t the grease that drips off Mexican food be called “Oil of Olé?”@@ My mum says I shouldn’t be so suspicious of everything. I mean, I’m not sure she’s even my mum. @@When my boss told me to stop standing on one leg I had to put my foot down.@@ I keep meaning to stop procrastinating.




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