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DIET: Can you REALLY eat yourself happy? You really are what you eat – and your brain health and mood are no exception. For example: Junk food really can affect our mental health by causing blood sugar highs and lows. This interferes with brain chemicals that affect mood. Protein is vital to make serotonin and dopamine – which are key to our mental health. There are crucial nutrients that our brain requires in tiny amounts that can really affect our mental state. They include B vitamins, iron, calcium, magnesium, chromium, zinc and selenium. When you feel tired, do you reach for a sweet snack? And when you’re upset, do you find solace in chocolate, ice-cream or a bag of chips? Research confirms that you are more likely to turn to junk food when you’re in a bad mood, as their high fat and sugar content activates pleasure centres in the brain, triggering the release of ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. But there’s a catch. Self-medicating with junk food also leads to blood sugar highs and lows that interfere with how these brain chemicals function to regulate mood. The overall effect can worsen your mental health. NOTE:Eating a variety of whole foods, real foods, supply your brain with the essential nutrients that can help produce a sense of well-being and higher moods. Eating smart is not only good for your well-being but for your families as well.

IN THE NEWS: Poor sleep linked to toxic buildup of Alzheimer’s protein, memory loss Sleep may be a missing piece in the Alzheimer’s disease puzzle. UC Berkeley scientists have found compelling evidence that poor sleep — particularly a deficit of the deep, restorative slumber needed to hit the save button on memories — is a channel through which the beta-amyloid protein believed to trigger Alzheimer’s disease attacks the brain’s long-term memory. “Our findings reveal a new pathway through which Alzheimer’s disease may cause memory decline later in life,” said UC Berkeley neuroscience professor Matthew Walker, senior author of the study published today in the journal Nature Neuroscience. A 2013 University of Rochester study found that the brain cells of mice would shrink during non-rapid-eye-movement (non-REM) sleep to make space for cerebrospinal fluids to wash out toxic metabolites such as beta-amyloid. “Sleep is helping wash away toxic proteins at night, preventing them from building up and from potentially destroying brain cells,” Walker said. “It’s providing a power cleanse for the brain.” NOTE: We have tools to help improve the quality of your sleep.


CHIROPRACTIC: Natural healthcare can help you There are many reasons for the shift in healthcare. Some people are concerned about the side effects that drugs have, (2000 deaths per week over 1 million injuries per year), some people have a sense of body ecology and don’t want to put any artificial substances within their body. Some people have discovered drugs mainly cover-up symptoms and never get to the root of your problem, and are more concerned with maximizing their health than just making some symptoms disappear. I’m sure you have seen either a popular magazine or news program on TV, the benefits of different natural healthcare techniques. Chiropractic is the world’s largest natural healthcare profession and specializes in finding the root cause of health problems and helping restore patients to better health through natural methods. At Keefe clinic these are the principles that we specialize in. We promise you that we will not just cover-up your symptoms and allow the underlying condition time to get worse. Chiropractic care, homeopathic care, individualized diet, acupuncture, nutritional therapy, muscle therapy and exercise, whatever it takes to move your body from disease to health, dysfunction to realizing your genetic potentials. We will customize a program to fit your particular health needs, from low back pain and headaches to digestive problems and PMS. From ear infections in babies to arthritis or heart disease and the geriatric patient, we offer the latest and natural healthcare. For more information visit our website: www.Keefeclinic.com

FUNNY BONE: Borrow money from pessimists — they don’t expect it back.@@ 99% of lawyers give the rest a bad name.@@82.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot.@@A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.@@All those who believe in psycho kinesis, raise my hand.@@OK, so what’s the speed of dark?@@How do you tell when you’re out of invisible ink?.@@ What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter? PUMPKIN PI @@ An actor had been out of work for 15 years because he always forgot his lines. Then one day he got a phone call from a director who wanted him for a big part in a play. All he had to say was “Hark! I hear the cannon roar! After much worry the actor decided to take the role. Opening night arrived, and while he waited in the wings, the actor muttered to himself “Hark! I hear the cannon roar! Hark! I hear the cannon roar! The time for the entrance finally came and as the actor made his appearance, he heard a loud brooooom! He turned around and said, “What the heck was that?” -Robert De Nero

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