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IN THE NEWS: PESTICIDE INDUSTRY SQUASHES LOCAL RIGHTS The Lincoln County, Oregon, aerial spray ban was passed in May 2017, restricting timber companies from aerial pesticide sprayings in the county. The ban was a major success of Lincoln County Community Rights, a small group of volunteer Oregon locals who took on pesticide giants in a fight for what they believed to be the inalienable right to live in a county without pesticides harming their health. Pesticide trade group CropLife America, which had revenue of more than $16 million in 2015 and whose dues-paying members include Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow and DuPont, stepped in to try to stop the ban. CropLife America teamed up with PR firm Paradigm Communications and created an opposition group called Protect Family Farms and Forests to paint the local residents as eco-terrorists. A lawsuit has already been filed to make the pesticide ban invalid on the grounds that it is pre-empted by Oregon state law. Forty-three states have pesticide pre-emption laws that may restrict local governments from allowing pesticide restrictions that go beyond those required at a federal level, and the industry is trying to push for pre-emption at the federal level.

WELLNESS: WE LIVE IN A TOXIC WORLD More than 80,000 chemicals are put into American household products, food, and food packaging each year, a majority of which are not tested for safety beforehand. Common domestic sources of chemical exposure include food, personal care and feminine hygiene products, household cleaning agents, and items treated with flame retardants. Healthier alternatives are suggested. Factors such as light, temperature, and EMF emissions can also hamper your healthy lifestyle efforts by affecting your circadian rhythm, hampering sleep, and/or disrupting your biological functioning. Just another good reason to detoxify on a regular basis. Eating right helps your body detox including crucifrous vegetables, berries, garlic and spices. Support your gut with fermented foods and probiotics. Reduce inflammation asked about our anti-inflammatory diet, support system by eating right, sleeping soundly and managing stress. Go through detox program twice a year. Minimize your exposure by reducing harmful cleansing agents in the house. Drink plenty of filtered water and consider alkaline water as part of your daily water intake. Sweat out your toxins through exercise or a steam room. Sleep well this allows your brain to detox and get regular chiropractic adjustments, keeping your body in tip top shape allows for better detoxification.

CHIROPRACTIC: American Chiropractic Association (ACA) has announced a national health care observance–October is National Chiropractic Month  DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE WITH A HEALTH PROBLEM OR IN PAIN? INVITE YOUR FAMILY OR FRIENDS TO THE PARTY Who do you know who is hurting? Who do you know that you have been trying to get started at Keefe Clinic? Now is the time to get your spouse or child started on the road to good health. Complimentary  DIAGNOSTIC WORK UP DURING OCTOBER Complimentary initial exam and one X-ray. Tell someone today

Chiropractic success story: I cannot tell this story enough. For us, chiropractic has been the answer to a serious problem. We were experiencing severe tantrums with Z., one of our two-and-a-half-year-old twins. The pediatrician said he was normal but at the “extreme end of the behavior scale.” As his mother, I wasn’t satisfied with this answer. I felt Z. was uncomfortable in some way or in some kind of pain, and I was desperately searching for answers. Z.’s tantrums would last up to an hour. They included sobbing, nonsense babbling, throwing and breaking things, and often hurting himself, whether biting himself, pulling his hair, or hitting his own head. He’d throw himself down anywhere, once down a concrete staircase onto a concrete patio, often in the middle of the street, and just lose control. Sometimes he would repeat, “help me, help me, help me.” Almost anything could spark the tantrums, sometimes just a noise or sound he might not like. There could be as many as 5-6 hour-long tantrums a day. The behavior started when Z. was just over a year old and seemed to be getting progressively worse. His communication skills, which had developed early, were also regressing. Instead of exchanging information in a typical toddler conversation, he often simply repeated the question asked or words said to him. He usually preferred to sit alone rather than have someone sit next to him. Fearing that one of us would soon need to be medicated, we started chiropractic care. Under steady chiropractic care, we immediately saw improvement in the degree of the tantrums. They initially continued to occur almost as often, but were not as severe. After five weeks of regular visits, the results are nothing short of miraculous. His communications skills are back to normal for his age. He initiates conversations again, comments reasonably on things, and asks and responds to questions. But perhaps my favorite improvement is the emotional one. He sits with me all the time and will give me all the kisses and hugs I ask for. He says, “I love you, Mommy,” whenever the feeling strikes him. I couldn’t be happier.

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FUNNY BONE:. Today, my son asked “Can I have a book mark?” and I burst into tears. 11 years old and he still doesn’t know my name is Brian @@DAD: I was just listening to the radio on my way in to town, apparently an actress just killed herself. MOM: Oh my! Who!? DAD: Uh, I can’t remember… I think her name was Reese something? MOM: WITHERSPOON!!!!!??????? DAD: No, it was with a knife…@@ If a child refuses to sleep during nap time, are they guilty of resisting a rest?@@ Did you know the first French fries weren’t actually cooked in France? They were cooked in Greece.@@ What do you call someone with no body and no nose? Nobody knows.@@ I ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon. I’ll let you know@@ My daughter screeched, “Daaaaaad, you haven’t listened to one word I’ve said, have you!?” What a strange way to start a conversation with me…@@ My friend keeps saying “cheer up man it could be worse, you could be stuck underground in a hole full of water.” I know he means well.@@ If you see a robbery at an Apple Store does that make you an iWitness?

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