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A High Intake of Soy Is Directly Related To A Low Incidence of Breast Cancer

The relationship between soy intake and cancer incidence is referred to as an inverse correlation. An inverse correlation means when one factor is high (soy intake) the other factor is low (breast cancer incidence). These patterns have been observed when researchers examine soy intake and breast cancer incidence in various countries around the world.

For example, in Asia, soy intake is very high, and the breast cancer incidence is very low. In contrast, in North American and Europe, soy intake is very low and breast cancer incidence is high. This inverse correlation between soy intake and breast cancer has been ruled out as a genetic one because when Asian women relocate to the U.S. their daughters and granddaughters acquire the same cancer incidence as other Americans.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Soy Foods?

These are some of the proposed health benefits of soy, which Dr. Hilakivi-Clarke outlined. All of which, she points out, remain controversial:

  • Prevention of breast cancer and recurrence
  • Promotion of cardiovascular health
  • Prevention of osteoporosis
  • Prevention of menopausal symptoms
  • Cognitive benefits

Why Is There Fear That Soy Increases Breast Cancer?

As I mentioned, genistein is one of the phytoestrogens (isoflavones) found in soy foods. The chemical structure of genistein is similar to ovarian estradiol that women produce naturally. Studies with human breast cancer cells (in culture or in nude mice) show that as concentrations of genistein are increased, the growth of human breast cancer cells also increase. This is why for years cancer patients and survivors (and the general population) were told to avoid soy foods. There was a fear that soy would increase breast cancer, despite studies showing low rates of breast cancer in Asian women who eat large amounts of soy. The good news is that in recent years, soy is no longer feared and studies have shown that it could actually be a benefit for those concerned about cancer. (The moral of the story is if you are a research mouse that has been injected with human breast cancer cells don’t eat soy, but if you’re human soy will protect you. With that said some people are allergic to soy.)

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High Intake In America is Very Low Intake in Asia

Observational human studies have been done to better understand soy. An observational study observes what happens when women eat their usual diets. This is different from intervention studies in which women would be randomly assigned to either a high soy or low soy diet (studies like this have not been done). The observational human studies have shown that soy intake reduces the risk of breast cancer by about 30%. In the Asian observational studies, a high intake of soy was over 20 mg per day (low intake is 5 mg per day). In Western woman, high intake of soy is only 0.8 mg per day or more (and low intake is less than 0.5 mg per day). Not surprisingly, there is no effect of ‘high’ soy intake in American women…and you can see why! American women have very low soy intake (only 0.8 mg per day, which well below the ‘low’ intake in Asian women of 5 mg per day).

Soy Consumed Throughout Life

As we see in the studies described above, the amount of soy consumed can help to explain the difference in breast cancer incidence between Asian women and American women. The other variable to consider is the time in life when soy is consumed. In Asian cuisine, soy is introduced to the diet of young children and they continue to consume soy throughout their lives. In contrast to this, women in the western world tend to introduce soy into their diet only late in life—usually when they are trying to treat their menopausal symptoms with food.

Soy Intake, Breast Cancer Patients and Survival

The observational studies give us information about incidence of breast cancer, but what about survival from breast cancer? After I looked at several studies that examined this relationship, the overall finding is that soy food intake after breast cancer diagnosis does not have a significant effect on survival. Although, one of the studies did show a reduced mortality with high intake of soy foods. The studies did agree though that there is no negative effect, in other words, there was not a reduction in survival when the patient consumed soy.

Breast Cancer Recurrence and Soy Food Intake

What about recurrence of breast cancer, does soy intake make a difference?

In this case, there is a benefit. The higher the intake of soy after a breast cancer diagnosis, the lower the risk of recurrence. This relationship was true for both Asian and Western women. However, it was pointed out by Dr. Hilakivi-Clarke the women were consuming soy before they got breast cancer.

If I Didn’t Consume Soy Before My Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Should I Start Now?

This is a common question of many western woman confronted with a breast cancer diagnosis. This question has not been investigated, so it isn’t known what the effect would be.

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How Does Soy Impact My Immune System?

Genistein, one of the isoflavones in soy, has been shown to have a positive impact on the immune system. It can enhance both cytotoxic T cells and Natural Killer cells. Cytotoxic T cells and Natural Killer cells are immune cells that can attack cancer. Genistein has been shown to inhibit IL-6 and TNF alpha, which are known to promote cancer cell growth. Genistein is also anti-inflammatory. Its anti-inflammatory property is protective against cancer as inflammation can drive the cancer process.

Soy During Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy and radiation can create inflammation. This inflammation can have negative effects by impairing the effect of the treatment. The genistein in soy foods can prevent therapy-induced inflammation and stimulate anti-tumor activity. The overall effect of genistein can be an improved response to the cancer therapy.

Genistein Needs A Functioning Immune System To Fight Cancer

In order for genistein to have beneficial effects, an immune system is required. This can explain why studies that use only human breast cancer cells (in culture or in nude mice) showed that soy increased the cancer cell growth. A nude mouse doesn’t have a functioning immune system, neither do the isolated cancer cell cultures. So, genistein is not directly helping to fight cancer cells. The benefit from soy (genistein) comes from how it supports our immune systems.

What Should I Do as a Cancer Thriver?

Based on the information in the NCI presentation, I would recommend that you continue to include whole traditional soy foods in your diet. This would include edamame, soybeans, tofu, soymilk (made from whole soy beans) miso and tempeh among others.

How Much Soy Should I Eat?

Dr. Hilakivi-Clarke recommends 2-3 servings per day of soy foods. No studies have been done yet to shown whether fermented or non-fermented is better. Also no information on the benefit of beginning soy foods after a breast cancer diagnosis have been published. But based on the many benefits of genistein on the immune system, I would suggest that even if soy wasn’t part of your diet before your cancer, it could be a benefit. But until further research is done, this will remain an educated recommendation on my part.

Examples of Healthy Servings of Soy Foods

  1. 3 oz of tempeh—tempeh is fermented tofu and it is popular in Indonesian cuisine. If you aren’t familiar with it, I encourage you to buy a block and slice it, marinate it in an Asian dressing and grill it on your sandwich grill. It’s great in sandwiches and salads!
  2. Organic Tofu Cutlets—extra firm tofu can be sliced about ¼ inch thick and prepared like a cutlet of meat. It can be dipped in scrambled egg, then a bread crumb/ground flax seed herb mixture and pan-fried.
  3. Soy Beverage—this can be used in place of dairy. I suggest that you read the label closely to make sure you are getting an unsweetened version made from whole soy beans and not soy protein concentrate.




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IN THE NEWS: YALE SCIENTISTS IDENTIFY CAUSE OF AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES AND HOW TO SUPPRESS THEM Autoimmune diseases, such as lupus, may be caused by bacteria in the small intestines that travel to other parts of the body, a new study from Yale has revealed. The study also found that these diseases can be suppressed or even prevented with an antibiotic or vaccine specifically designed to destroy these bacteria. Researchers analyzed Enterococcus gallinarum, a type of bacteria that typically lives in the gut but has also been found in other areas of the body. Using mice, the team observed how the presence of E. gallinarum in organs outside the gut led to inflammation and antibody production. The team then repeated this on human models by taking tissue samples from the livers of healthy volunteers and contaminating them with E. gallinarum. The same autoimmune response was observed. At the time, the researchers couldn't confirm how the bacteria travel from the gut to other organs in patients with autoimmune diseases, but they suspect an impaired gut barrier may be to blame. Dr. Martin Kriegel, the senior study author, suspects that the bacteria may travel from the gut to other parts of the body, such as the lymph nodes, after entering the bloodstream via this impaired barrier. “We found signs of an impaired gut barrier in patients and detected DNA of the same bacterium as found in mice within the liver tissue of these autoimmune patients,” Kriegel, an adjunct assistant professor at the Yale School of Medicine at the time of this study, told Newsweek. NOTE: Dysbiosis is a condition where abnormal organisms live in the gut. Probiotics help control this. Leaky gut can be corrected through nutritional therapy.

 WELLNESS: WHAT ARE PROBIOTICS? Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health, especially your digestive system. We usually think of these as germs that cause diseases. But your body is full of bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are often called "good" or "helpful" bacteria because they help keep your gut healthy. You can find probiotics in supplements and some foods, like yogurt. Doctors often suggest them to help with digestive problems. Your good gut bacteria is also responsible for: Producing vitamin B12, butyrate and vitamin K2-Crowding out bad microbes-Creating enzymes that destroy harmful bacteria-Stimulating secretion of IgA and regulatory T-cells, which support immune function. Probiotics have been in our systems from the moment we were born. When a newborn is in the birth canal of the mother during delivery, the baby is exposed to the bacteria of his or her mother for the first time. This event starts a chain of events inside the baby’s GI tract, and the infant’s GI tract starts to produce good bacteria. NOTE: antibiotics, certain chemicals in processed foods and drink can disrupt the healthy bacteria in your gut. Be extremely cautious about the use of antibiotics they are not as safe as you been led to believe. Cultured/fermented foods help keep your friendly bacteria healthy, eat wisely.

CHIROPRACTIC: CHIROPRACTIC ENHANCES IMMUNITY-Chiropractic patients for over a hundred years have indicated when they get chiropractic care they have less illness including colds and flu's etc. several years ago a researcher studying chiropractic patients said that there immune function was 200% more effective than the average person on the street. There are a growing number of research papers that indicate just that. Chiropractic is a smart choice for your families health.---Chiropractic and the Neuroimmune Connection-Ari Cohn, DC. Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ September 30, 2008 ~ Pages 1-5. Enhanced Phagocytic Cell Respiratory Burst Induced by Spinal Manipulation: Potential Role of Substance P Brennan PC, Kokjohn K, Kaltinger CJ, Lohr GE, Glendening C, Hondras MA, McGregor M, Triano JJ    J Manipulative Physiol Ther 1991;   14 (7) Sep:   399-408 Enhanced Neutrophil Respiratory Burst as a Biological Marker for Manipulation Forces: Duration of the Effect and Association with Substance P and Tumor Necrosis Factor Brennan PC, Triano JJ, McGregor M, Kokjohn K, Hondras MA, Brennan DC   J Manipulative Physiol Ther 1992;   15 (2) Feb:   83-89 Spinal Manipulative Therapy Reduces Inflammatory Cytokines but Not Substance P Production in Normal Subjects This work was originally funded by the Consortial Center of Chiropractic Research (CCCR) J Manipulative Physiol Ther 2006 (Jan);   29 (1):   14–21 Changes in Health Measures in HIV+ Chiropractic Patients Lisa A. Caputo, DC   This work is in progress under a grant from the Consortial Center for Chiropractic Research and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)

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IN THE NEWS: Rare Gene That Confers Drug Resistance Between Bacteria Now Found in 27 States At present, 23,000 Americans die each year from drug-resistant infections; estimates suggest that by 2050 the global death toll from antibiotic-resistant disease will reach 10 million per year. One significant driver of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is the routine use of antibiotics in agriculture. Another major contributor to and source of drug-resistant infections is hospitals. One particularly troublesome multidrug-resistant bacteria that is gaining ground is carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae (CRE), which produces an enzyme that breaks down antibiotics. Tests conducted on nearly 5,780 antibiotic-resistant bacterial samples collected from hospitals and nursing homes found 1 in 4 contained genes known to confer drug resistance, and 221 contained a particularly rare drug-resistance gene that confers a very high level of resistance. The 221 samples came from 27 different states, which shows this new drug-resistance gene has already spread far and wide. The gene was found in samples of pneumonia, bloodstream infections and urinary tract infections. NOTE: There are multiple safe and effective natural treatments for infections, try a natural approach first then consider a drug like antibiotics only if necessary.

WELLNESS: Pantothenic Acid: A Crucial Vitamin for Optimal Health What Is Pantothenic Acid? The popularity of pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 pales in comparison to that of the other B vitamins, probably because it’s easily obtained from a well-balanced diet, so a deficiency of it is quite rare. Being a lesser-known vitamin does not take away from its worth, though. Pantothenic acid is still essential for your health, as it helps perform a number of functions that sustain life itself, including: Breaking down fats and carbohydrates for energy-Producing red blood cells-Manufacturing sex and stress-related hormones-Synthesizing cholesterol. As with other forms of vitamin B, pantothenic acid is not stored in the body because it’s water-soluble. The excess pantothenic acid that your body did not use will be flushed out through your urine, which means that you have to obtain it from your food every day. While a deficiency in vitamin B5 rarely occurs, it’s still entirely possible, especially if you have dietary restrictions that may keep you from eating foods rich in this nutrient. Pantothenic acid is sensitive to heat and humidity, so consuming processed foods that have been subjected to high-temperature manufacturing methods may not be enough to replenish your body’s level of this vitamin. Pantothenic acid performs vital functions that may help keep your overall well-being in optimal condition. One of these functions is its ability to support the synthesis of hormones in the adrenal glands, which may help you cope with stressful situations, hence why it’s also known as the “anti-stress” vitamin.

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CONDITION OF THE WEEK: SLEEP DISORDER-Myth 1: Getting just one hour less sleep per night won’t affect your daytime functioning.You may not be noticeably sleepy during the day, but losing even one hour of sleep can affect your ability to think properly and respond quickly. It also compromises your cardiovascular health, energy balance, and ability to fight infections. Myth 2: Your body adjusts quickly to different sleep schedules. Most people can reset their biological clock, but only by appropriately timed cues—and even then, by one or two hours per day at best. Consequently, it can take more than a week to adjust after traveling across several time zones or switching to the night shift. Myth 3: Extra sleep at night can cure you of problems with excessive daytime fatigue. The quantity of sleep you get is important, sure, but it's the quality of your sleep that you really have to pay attention to. Some people sleep eight or nine hours a night but don’t feel well rested when they wake up because the quality of their sleep is poor. Myth 4: You can make up for lost sleep during the week by sleeping more on the weekends. Although this sleeping pattern will help relieve part of a sleep debt, it will not completely make up for the lack of sleep. Furthermore, sleeping later on the weekends can affect your sleep-wake cycle so that it is much harder to go to sleep at the right time on Sunday nights and get up early on Monday mornings. You may be sleep deprived if you...Need an alarm clock in order to wake up on time-Rely on the snooze button-Have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning-Feel sluggish in the afternoon-Get sleepy in meetings, lectures, or warm rooms-Get drowsy after heavy meals or when driving-Need to nap to get through the day-Fall asleep while watching TV or relaxing in the evening-Feel the need to sleep in on weekends-Fall asleep within five minutes of going to bed. NOTE: Chiropractic and nutritional therapy are extremely effective for sleep problems, ask about it on your next appointment.

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IN THE NEWS:  TOXINS HIDDEN IN YOUR HOUSE Did you know that the regular use of cleaning products can have as much impact on your lungs as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day? The American Thoracic Society's American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine recently reported that scientists at Norway’s University of Bergen tracked 6,000 people, with an average age of 34 at the time of enrollment in the study, who used cleaning products over a period of twenty years. They found that lung function decline in women, who regularly used cleaning products, was equivalent over the period to those with a 20-cigarette daily smoking habit. That's a pack a day. And these cleaning substances have the added threat of fueling the most prevalent type of Alzheimer’s, Inhalational Alzheimer’s. NOTE: the health food store has several safe alternatives to help clean your house, clothes and yourself. Buyer beware.

 WELLNESS:  HERBS FOR STRESS AND WELLNESS Your adrenal glands secrete more than 50 hormones, including aldosterone (which helps regulate your blood pressure), cortisol and adrenaline, the latter two of which can become overactivated by stress. Exposure to chronic inflammation or long-term illness can result in hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis dysfunction, triggering symptoms associated with “adrenal fatigue”. Adaptogenic herbs can be useful if you’re struggling with persistent stress. Four of the most well-recognized adaptogens for adrenal support are ashwagandha, rhodiola, ginseng (Asian and Siberian) and tulsi. Ashwagandha helps your body adapt to stress by balancing your immune system, metabolism and hormonal systems. The root contains the highest concentration of active ingredients that modulate hormones, including thyroid hormone, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Rhodiola has been shown to be particularly beneficial for your nervous system. It has antidepressant and antianxiety benefits, and has been shown to reduce symptoms of burnout associated with work stress.

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CHIROPRACTIC: CHIROPRACTIC AND DNA REPAIR Can regular Chiropractic care affect you on a genetic level? The answer is yes. But how? DNA is the molecule of life. It contains our genes which make us what we are. DNA makes up our chromosomes which are held in the nucleus of our cells. DNA is very fragile and susceptible to damage from environmental stresses. It is estimated that our cells experience anywhere from 1,000 to 1,000,000 incidences of DNA damage PER DAY. If this DNA damage is left and not repaired, our DNA sequences cannot be read or will not be read properly. This will result in abnormal cell function or expression. Three things can the occur; senescence, which means the cells stop dividing, cell death and/or tumor growth. All three are not good things as they lead to poor health and premature aging. Going through life, we experience physical, chemical, and emotional dis-stress. These stresses affect the function of the nervous system. The investigators hypothesized that these disturbances in nerve function could affect oxidative stress and DNA repair on a cellular level. Oxidative stress, metabolically generating free radicals, is now a broadly accepted theory of how we age and develop disease. Oxidative stress results in DNA damage, and inhibits DNA repair. The good news is that our cells are equipped with numerous enzymes (too many to list) whose job it is to continually repair this DNA damage. This DNA repair can be measured through blood tests that measure serum Thiol levels. The serum Thiol level is an indicator of the level of DNA repair. The higher serum Thiol, the more DNA repair and the better your health and aging. In a landmark study published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, chiropractors collaborating with researchers at the University of Lund found that chiropractic care could influence basic physiological processes affecting oxidative stress and DNA repair.  These findings offer a scientific explanation for the positive health benefits reported by patients receiving chiropractic care. The researchers measured serum thiol levels in 25 patients under short term chiropractic care, and 21 patients under long term chiropractic care. The results were compared to those of a non-chiropractic control group of 30 subjects.  Long-term chiropractic care of two or more years was shown to re-establish a normal physiological state independent of age, sex, or nutritional supplements. Symptom-free or primary wellness subjects under chiropractic care demonstrated higher mean serum thiol levels than patients with active disease, and produced some values that were higher than normal wellness values in non-chiropractic subjects. Serum thiols are primary antioxidants, and serve as a measure of human health status . The test provides a surrogate estimate of DNA repair enzyme activity, which has been shown to correlate with lifespan and aging. After you have completed corrective Chiropractic care you need Wellness care to maximize your health potentials.  Ask about Wellness care.


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IN THE NEWS: ‘Wi-Fried’ — Is Wireless Technology Dooming a Generation to Ill Health? According to many experts, chronic, heavy exposure to wireless radiation is likely having severe repercussions for our health, especially that of children, who are now being exposed even before birth. While a number of different devices contribute to the overall radiation burden, those kept closest to your body on a regular basis, such as your cellphone, are of greatest concern. Your body has natural electromagnetic fields (EMFs), as many of your bodily processes involve the transmission of electric signals, and external interference can disrupt those signals. Inside every cell in your body are mitochondria, the power plants of your cell, and they are adversely impacted by EMFs, resulting in mitochondrial and cellular dysfunction. Two organs most vulnerable to outside RF interference are your heart and brain. Both also have the highest density of voltage gated calcium channels, which are inappropriately activated by EMFs, thereby causing most of the damage associated with EMF exposure. NOTE: Certain cell phone covers can help block some of this radiation.

WELLNESS: Increasing negative ions in the air through crystal salt lamps. Since the beginning of recorded history, the beneficial properties of salt have been well known and documented. Early civilizations greatly valued salt, and used it as a trading currency as well as a preservative for food. For years, many European countries have used salt mines and hot salt springs to promote a sense of rejuvenation. People rest and rejuvenate in salt mines and caves (in spa-like ambiance in many cases), for periods of time to help aid their mood and overall sense of calm. Why are the salt mines so beneficial? Quite simply... the very dry, fresh environment of a salt mine is key. The solution involves pure Himalayan crystal salt... the same type of salt I offer in my office... the same type of salt Himalayan miners go deep into the earth to uncover. Ever breathe and experience the air around a thunderous waterfall... on a serene mountain top... at a pulsating seashore... or after a wild thunderstorm? I'm sure you have. Remember how fresh the air felt and how easy it was for you to breathe? Well, what you experienced was likely the result of negative ions. The rush of negative ions helps neutralize and balance the positive ions. Many published articles and scientific studies report how negative ions in the air can have positive effects. One demonstration of that is how they potentially increase the growth rate of certain plants. In most of these studies, sophisticated negative ion generators were used in controlled group environments – not something you can readily recreate in your own home. Something else you can do to help offset excessive frequency vibrations while you're actually using an electronic device is to use beautiful decorative lamps, called crystal salt lamps.

CONDITION OF THE WEEK: ALLERGIES AND CHIROPRACTIC- We are entering allergy season and for those of you who have allergies this can be a tough time of the year. Though just remember some people suffer from allergies year round. Allergies really are not caused by pollens they are caused by an inappropriate response to pollens by your immune system. Sometimes adjustments alone can reestablish normal immune function and eliminate allergies. For others we need to work at desensitizing the person from the pollens. Air filtration systems along with negative ion generation can give you a safe place in your house. We offer a filter to put in your return air vent that takes out 97% of what’s floating in the air including pollens. So this allergy filter along with an air purification system with negative ions can greatly reduce your exposure to pollens in your house. Most people understand the concept of allergy shots where you introduce a diluted form of the pollen over time to develop immunity. We have used oral drops over the past 30+ years and found them superior to allergy shots. Recently American allergists have started moving to the oral drops as well. With the regular use of these drops you desensitize your body’s response to the pollen and in time you can be allergy free. There is also electronic device called the Elmag that can electronically balance your immune system while you’re wearing it and many people become symptom-free. Lately it’s been difficult to access the elmag but it can be ordered through the Internet from a European country. The allergy drops that we offer are safe for all ages and the dosage is 10 drops under the tongue three times a day, for a stronger effect five drops six times a day can be more effective. Sometimes adrenal support, vitamin C or other nutrients are important for the immune system to respond. If you suffer from allergies don’t suppress your immune system with antihistamines seek a natural approach that’s both safe and effective.

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IN THE NEWS:. WHEN THE STATE CONTROLS WHAT YOU EAT In Canada, it’s illegal to sell or give away raw milk, a law that’s enforced in many provinces. In Ontario, distributing raw milk was long considered to be a regulatory offense punishable by fines, but as of January 2018 an order issued by Ontario’s Superior Court calls for anyone who distributes or sells raw milk in the area to face years in prison. Members of one area food co-op believe the Ontario injunction violates their constitutional right to access raw milk, and they’ve filed a motion to have the injunction stayed. In the meantime, the co-op has been forced to stop distributing the milk in order to avoid criminal charges, feeding it to pigs and chickens instead of handing it out to co-op members. Raw dairy farmers have been put out of business for mere suspicion of contamination. Even in the absence of a complaint of contamination, farmers and consumers are often harassed over the buying and selling of raw milk. In contrast, Blue Bell Creamery — the third-largest ice cream maker in the U.S. whose ice cream sickened 10 people with listeria, three of whom died as a result, in 2015, was fined just $175,000 for the incident. Ultimately, the choice of what to eat should belong to the individual consumer, not the state or federal government. If the FDA and other government agencies are allowed to impose their view of "safe food" on consumers, raw milk won't be the only thing lost — one day virtually all food could be pasteurized, irradiated and/or genetically engineered.

WELLNESS: SUPERFOOD OF THE WEEK: CHERRIES. Famed for their anti-inflammatory superpowers, cherries are the hottest stone fruit on the block. ... They're also packed with anthocyanins, a powerful phytonutrient that jump-starts your immune system and gives cherries that gorgeous red hue. Cherries are a favorite summer treat with a number of valuable health benefits, thanks to their antioxidants and powerful anti-inflammatory compounds. Both sweet and tart cherries are easy to grow. Cherry trees will grow about 1 foot per year, start producing fruit in two to four years and can produce anywhere from 150 to 300 pounds of cherries per tree per year once fully mature. Tart cherry trees are self-pollinating and can be grown in USDA plant hardiness zones 4, 5 and 6. They require about 1,000 chill hours below 45 degrees F during winter months. Tart cherries contain two powerful compounds, anthocyanins and bioflavonoids, which help prevent and relieve arthritis and gout. Sweet cherries such as Bing are also useful against gout, as they lower both uric acid and C-reactive protein levels. Sweet cherry is suitable for USDA zones 5 through 9, and need about 150 to 300 chill hours during winter months. Northwest Oklahoma is a 6 where the middle of the state including Tulsa is a 7 and the southern East tip of Oklahoma is an 8 hardiness zone. Self-pollinating cultivars include Stella, Black Gold and North Star. Others may need companion trees to ensure successful pollination. To keep birds from flying away with your harvest, cover the tree with netting as the fruit starts to form. Planting mulberry trees nearby can also help lure birds away from your cherry trees, but won’t prevent them from eating your cherries as well.

CHIROPRACTIC: Disease care vs. healthcare--Healthcare has undergone a change in the past 100+ years. Diet and herbal therapy along with other more natural treatments were a form of healthcare practice by most doctors. With the advent of antibiotics and the ability to convert herbs into powerful drugs healthcare made a major switch. This idea that we could control disease through drugs gained acceptance. There is no question within crisis care that drug therapy really shines. If your heart stops on the operating table a shot of adrenaline could save your life. Unfortunately this has led to a major change in healthcare. Instead of diet, exercise, vitamins or herbal treatment the idea that you could control all diseases through drugs took over healthcare. Unfortunately we have found that this is not the case in most instances. It’s true that an antibiotic used to be able to wipe out infections that otherwise killed people in the past. Unfortunately that’s becoming less and less of a miracle and turning into more of a nightmare. The problem is the overutilization of antibiotics has led to bacterial resistance diseases where the patient dies even with IVs of antibiotics pumping into their bloodstream. Antibiotics weaken the immune system not strengthening it. Herbs were very powerful back in the day but when chemist found that they could isolate the active ingredient in herbs and make it synthetically it produced stronger effects. But because all the synergistic properties of the herb were left on the table side effects became a growing problem. When you took the herb it would produce health benefits but when you took the synthetic active ingredient those benefits were increased along with side effects. Today over 2000 people a week die from side effects from the prescriptions they get from their medical doctors. And the other problem is drugs don’t heal. Insulin doesn’t heal diabetes, heart drugs don’t heal the heart they just modify the symptoms, antidepressants don’t heal the mind they just alter your perceptions. With the advancement in natural healthcare not only can these issues be treated they can be corrected in time because of the use of nutrients that fix the underlying problem. Find the problem, fix the problem is the approach in natural healthcare whereas find the symptom, suppress the symptom is the approach in drug therapy. Choose your healthcare wisely.

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FUNNY BONE: A boy asks his father, "Dad, are bugs good to eat?" "That's disgusting. Don't talk about things like that over dinner," the dad replies. After dinner the father asks, "Now, son, what did you want to ask me?" "Oh, nothing," the boy says. "There was a bug in your soup, but now it’s gone."@@ Q. How much room is needed for fungi to grow? A. As mushroom as possible@@ Three contractors are bidding to fix a broken fence at the White House. One is from Chicago, another is from Tennessee, and the third is from Minnesota. All three go with a White House official to examine the fence. The Minnesota contractor takes out a tape measure and does some measuring, then works some figures with a pencil. "Well," he says, "I figure the job will run about $900. $400 for materials, $400 for my crew, and $100 profit for me." The Tennessee contractor also does some measuring and figuring, then says, "I can do this job for $700. $300 for materials, $300 for my crew, and $100 profit for me." The Chicago contractor doesn't measure or figure, but leans over to the White House official and whispers, "$2,700." The official, incredulous, says, "You didn't even measure like the other guys! How did you come up with such a high figure?" The Chicago contractor whispers back, "$1000 for me, $1000 for you, and we hire the guy from Tennessee to fix the fence." "Done!" replies the government official. And that, my friends, is how the new stimulus plan will work. 

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