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Are vaccines safe and effective?

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Over the years patients have asked this question, due to things that they’ve heard on both sides of the question. So let’s look at the First component. Are vaccines safe? What kind of safety testing is done on vaccines? And what is in vaccines?

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As far as what is in vaccines, that question might be difficult to fully answer because there is some evidence that the manufacturers are not required to list everything. But here’s what we know for sure: Vaccines contain aluminum, antibiotics, egg protein, formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate and Thimerosal; a mercury-containing preservative.

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Varicella (chickenpox), rubella, hepatitis A, shingles and one preparation of rabies vaccine are all made in fetal embryo fibroblast cells. These cells were first obtained from elective termination of two pregnancies in the early 1960s.

Other ingredients include soy and other proteins, artificial colors and sweeteners. A complete list can be found on the CDC’s website under “Vaccine Excipients and Media Summary”.

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Some suspect that there are unstated ingredients like peanut oil.

There is adequate scientific evidence that peanut oil (arachis oil) has been used in vaccines since the 1960's. If current vaccine package inserts do not contain the specific evidence that peanut oil, or peanut meal, is contained within the final vaccine product, it does not mean that peanut antigen is not in the final vaccine product. Vaccine manufacturers use different growth media on which to manufacture the vaccines. They do not report, and I believe are not required to report, the exact ingredients in all of the growth media. Therefore, we may not know whether peanut antigen is used in the vaccine manufacturing process just by reading through the package inserts. Our lack of knowledge about it does not mean it isn’t knowledge waiting to be discovered. And, it may, or may not, have anything to do with an attempt to purposely hide the information that peanut antigen is present in vaccines.”  Lawrence Palevsky MD

Mercury Poisoning

Now if we look at the two main toxic metals that are in most childhood vaccines this becomes a potential health disaster. If you consider that the average person, by age 18 receive 69 doses of 16 different vaccines that’s a lot of mercury and aluminum. When you see the following quotes and statements from those who are supposed to be experts, you have to wonder: “Unfortunately, there is limited experience regarding the toxicity of Thimerosal and the content of mercury it presents, despite the long history of use. Robert Pless, M.D. National Immunization Program, CDC.” —– “In 1999, FDA determined that under the recommended childhood immunization schedule, infants might be exposed to cumulative doses of ethyl mercury that exceed some federal safety guidelines established for ingestion of methylmercury, another form of organic mercury.”



If that’s not disturbing enough here some of the things we know about the effects of aluminum and mercury:


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How Aluminum Affects Neurological Health: - Reduces nervous system activity by blocking the action potential of nerve cells - Inhibits enzymes in the brain- Inhibits the uptake of Dopamine, Noradrenaline (Norepinephrine), and Serotonin by nerve cells

Symptoms of aluminum toxicity: flatulence, headaches, colic, dryness of skin and mucous membranes, tendency for colds, burning pain in the head relieved by food, heartburn, aversion to meat also other associated aluminum problems can be Alzheimer’s disease, hyperparathyroidism, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, kidney dysfunction, liver dysfunction, anemia, neuromuscular disorder, hemolysis, leukocytosis, osteomalacia, Parkinson’s disease, and the list goes on.

Mercury is known to cause the following symptoms: mood swings, nervousness, irritability, and other emotional changes, insomnia, headache, abnormal sensations, muscle twitching, tremors, weakness, muscle atrophy, and decreased cognitive functions.

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Not only does the government admit that these toxic metals exceed their own guidelines for safety the potential for allergic responses to all the other ingredients is quite troubling when you see the amount of food allergies showing up in the average child.

Now when you’re trying to balance risk and benefit it’s important that you have all the facts. And the fact is today that most childhood diseases are not life-threatening for the vast majority of children. 100 years ago that was a different story. In fact the prevalence of these diseases was substantially higher than they are today. Those who are pro-vaccine like to attribute the vaccines for the lower rate of disease but history doesn’t bear that out. In fact as you look at most childhood diseases like measles both the infection rate and the death rate were already in sharp decline before vaccines.

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Medical historians say that better sanitation, cleaner water and better food supply have made more of an overall improvement to public health than any medical intervention has. Most disease graphs will show you these childhood diseases were in sharp decline before the vaccines were introduced. When the vaccines were introduced there was an uptick in the cases of the disease before the decline continued. And so, in my opinion, the benefit is somewhat questionable. If you look at, for instance measles, the risk-benefit is that most kids will have a fever and feel uncomfortable for about a week and then have lifetime immunity. In fact in the past parents chose to engage in what were called “measles parties” where they would intentionally expose their kids to someone with the measles so they could develop a lifetime immunity. As far as the vaccinated population there have been many breakthrough occurrences of the childhood disease in the fully vaccinated population. Also keep in mind the MMR vaccine is one of the most prone to damage of all of vaccines based on the “Vaccine court” records.

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The other side of the safety issue is what kind of studies have been done to assure the vaccines are safe? For instance if you are a drug manufacturer and you want to bring a new drug to market, one of the types of testing you need to do is compare the effect of your drug to a placebo. In other words you’ll give a group of people your medication and another group gets a placebo which is classically called a sugar pill. In other words a placebo should be a substance that causes no negative or positive side effects. That way you can clearly see the negative effects the drug might have as well as the positive ones.

Not so with vaccines. To my knowledge vaccine safety studies are the only ones that compare one drug to another drug. In other words, instead of using the placebo they use another vaccine as the placebo. Outrageous; this is one of the best ways to cover some of the side effects of the vaccine. With this dishonest safety study method it’s impossible to properly evaluate a vaccine’s safety.

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Let’s talk a second about effectiveness. Let’s say you want to bring a drug to market that you say reduces heart attacks. So how would you determine that? Again you would have a population where half get the drug and the other half you give a placebo or give nothing at all and study the effects in both groups. Let’s say the drug group had 20 heart attacks and the placebo group had 80 by the end of the study. This would give you some idea that maybe the medication does prevent heart attacks.

But how do they determine the effectiveness of a vaccine? There are plenty in the population of unvaccinated kids and adults. It would be easy enough to do the above study but that’s not how they determine it, if it’s a vaccine. All they have to do is show antibody production after a vaccine, and they put a lot of stuff in a vaccine including heavy metals to stimulate an immune response. So they don’t have to show any difference between vaccinated populations and unvaccinated population to prove effectiveness. In my opinion this is a farce.

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The bottom line is that we have to listen to either the loudest voice or the one that has the authority to punish you if you don’t comply. It’s disturbing how the use of intimidation, fear and outright lies are used to promote vaccines. If you’re a nurse you know what I’m talking about Maybe you’re a believer but still you have to admit that you’ve been trained to misrepresent the possible side effects when you’re talking to patients.

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In Oklahoma you still have the right to choose between vaccinating your child or not. A simple exemption form available from the school nurse or the Oklahoma State Department of Health called the ODH form 216 – A, many of my patients tell me when they asked for such a form the school nurse she lies to them and says there is no such form and your child can’t come to school without being vaccinated. Why would there be an organized conspiracy of deception if there is clear evidence that vaccines are both safe and effective?

Is every child who gets a vaccine going to be severely damaged by it? Of course not. There are a lot of different factors that lead to reactions from vaccines. But all negative reactions to vaccines don’t always show up in the first month, year or even decade of life. Not only can the toxic metals and other additives to vaccines have the potential of causing long-term negative effects but the organism that they use in the vaccine has been known to set up housekeeping in the body commonly in the intestinal track producing long-term health problems.

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Detoxification can be an important process in trying to eliminate the negative effects of vaccines. We recommend detoxification as a normal course of health recovery for most of our patients. But in some cases specialized procedures are needed to try to root out the viruses that have been hiding in the body for years that have caused inflammation, cancers and other health problems. Again not everybody has these issues but, in my opinion, it brings up a risk-benefit evaluation that goes against vaccines.

A lot of times, if you look behind the hysteria associated with an outbreak like with measles, you’ll find  in the vast majority of cases there is no long-term permanent catastrophic effect. The same can’t be said for children in third world countries who have horrible sanitation, dirty water and poor food supply. There you will find the very negative outcomes from the same diseases. In Africa they have found that giving a child one dose of 200,000 units of vitamin A will sharply decrease the death rate. There are more intelligent ways to deal with these childhood diseases then injecting toxic metals and other ingredients.

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Just this week on an NPR station there was a heartbreaking story about the MMR vaccine. The parents had a healthy baby meeting all his developmental goals up to the point of getting the vaccine. They say on the way home from getting the vaccine the young child screamed constantly to the point they had to pull the car over to the side of the road. The child had a fever and when he woke up the next morning he was not the same child. The child suffered catastrophic brain injury that left him totally disabled into his adulthood. He has to be constantly monitored as he will run away if given the chance and has to wear adult diapers for the rest of his life.


I have found Studies that show unvaccinated children are a lot healthier than vaccinated ones. Buyer beware.

Here is one: A 20 year old study from the 1990’s has recently surfaced that compares unvaccinated children to vaccinated children. The study concludes that those who were vaccinated were more likely to suffer from the following illnesses:

  • asthma
  • eczema
  • ear infections
  • hyperactivity
  • and many other chronic conditions.

There was a 10-fold increase in cases of tonsillitis in the children who were vaccinated and a 100% absence of tonsillitis in those unvaccinated.

In 1992, the Immunization Awareness Society (IAS) conducted a survey to examine the health of New Zealand’s children. Unsurprisingly, the results of their study indicated that unvaccinated children were far healthier than vaccinated children.

Questionnaires were given out to IAS members, their friends and their associates asking various health questions. A total of 245 families returned their questionnaires, giving the researchers a total of 495 children surveyed. Of these children, 226 were vaccinated and 269 were unvaccinated.

Healthy Children and Ethics

 The ages of the children ranged between the ages of two weeks – 46 years (obviously some friends were older with older children). Of the children studied, 273 were males and 216 were females. (Six children were unclassified.) Sue Claridge, who reported on the study, wrote: “Respondents were asked to provide the year of birth, gender, vaccinations received, whether or not the child suffered from a range of chronic conditions (asthma, eczema, ear infections/glue ear, recurring tonsillitis, hyperactivity, diabetes or epilepsy) whether or not he or she needed grommets, had had a tonsillectomy, or were shown to develop motor skills (walking, crawling, sitting-up etc.). Parents also provided information on breastfeeding and bottle feeding and when a child was weaned if breastfed.”During the study, another interesting fact emerged. Researchers discovered that 92 percent of the children requiring a tonsillectomy operation had received the measles vaccination, indicating that the vaccination for measles may have made some of the children more susceptible to tonsillitis. The study also revealed that 81 of the families had both vaccinated and unvaccinated children. Many of these families had vaccinated their older children but had grown more reluctant to vaccinate their younger children, due to their growing concerns regarding vaccine safety. Researchers concluded that: “While this was a very limited study, particularly in terms of the numbers of unvaccinated children that were involved and the range of chronic conditions investigated, it provides solid scientific evidence in support of considerable anecdotal evidence that unvaccinated children are healthier that their vaccinated peers.” [1] Although governments from around the world have continually stated that studying vaccinated versus unvaccinated children would be unethical, the New Zealand researchers are not the only group of researchers to study comparisons.

Vaccinated Children 5 Times More Likely To Suffer From A Range Of Diseases

In September 2011, German researchers carrying out a longitudinal study surveyed a total of 8000 unvaccinated children from the ages of 0 –19. As with the New Zealand study, researchers collected their data by conducting a survey using questionnaires. [2] Results showed that vaccinated children were up to five times more likely to suffer from a variety of diseases and disorders than unvaccinated children. Their results were compared to another German study (KiGGS), which examined a larger sample group consisting of 17,461 participants between the ages of 0 –17. Dr. Andreas Bachair, a German classical homeopathic practitioner, responsible for collecting the results of the survey from the website stated that:“Asthma, hay fever and neurodermatitis are seen very frequently today. A recent German study with 17461 children between 0-17 years of age (KIGGS) showed that 4.7% of these children suffer from asthma, 10.7% of these children from hay fever and 13.2% from neurodermatitis. These numbers differ in western countries, i.e. the prevalence of asthma among children in the US is 6% whereas it is 14-16% in Australia (Australia’s Health 2004, AIHW). The prevalence of asthma among unvaccinated children in our study is around 2.5%, hay fever, 3%, and neurodermatitis, 7%. According to the KIGGS study more than 40% of children between the ages of 3 and 17 years were sensitized against at least one allergen tested (20 common allergens were tested) and 22.9% had an allergic disease. Although we did not perform a blood test, around 10% stated that their children had an allergy.” [3] (As this study is a longitudinal study, the number of children being studied has since risen to 13,222. To join the study, you can fill in the questionnaire provided by clicking on the link listed as the third reference at the end of this article.) Although there were four cases of autism reported among unvaccinated children, Dr. Bachair reported that: “Of these 4 children one tested very high for metals (mercury, aluminium, arsenic); in another case the mother was tested very high for mercury.” However, this number pales into insignificance when we compare it to the 1 in 88 children currently being reported as autistic by the CDC. [4]

Other Conditions Found To Be Almost Non-Existent In Unvaccinated Children

Dr. Andreas Bachair continued her report by stating that their study found the prevalence of sinusitis, warts, skin problems and middle ear infections were also much lower in the unvaccinated children, as were the cases of diabetes and epilepsy. She went on to say that the results demonstrated that the prevalence of many conditions in the unvaccinated children were also significantly lower. These were: “Other disorders and diseases As we included open questions in our survey we evaluated the prevalence (of the first 10,070 participants) of some other disorders and illnesses. Unvaccinated children show very low prevalences of the following disorders:

  • Dyslexia: 0.21%
  • Speech delay/articulation problems: 0.38%
  • Sensory Processing disorder: 0.28%
  • Anxiety: 0.25%
  • Depression: 0.12%
  • Bedwetting: 0.12%
  • Celiac disease: 0.12%
  • Gluten sensitivity: 0.41%
  • GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease): 0.06%”

Dr. Bachair concluded her amazing and intuitive paper by adding a number of statements from parents, which I believe really added weight to her overall findings.

No study of health outcomes of vaccinated people versus unvaccinated has ever been conducted in the U.S. by CDC or any other agency in the 50 years or more of an accelerating schedule of vaccinations (now over 60 doses of 14 vaccines given before kindergarten, 26 doses in the first year). Most data collected by CDC is contained in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database. The VAERS is generally thought to contain only 3 to 5 percent of reportable incidents. This is simply because only some immediate reactions are reported by doctors; but many are not admitted to be reactions to the vaccine. Most importantly, the VAERS numbers are only immediate reactions, which would take place within a few hours to a few weeks. Long-term vaccine-induced diseases and disorders are not recognized by parents or doctors when these conditions develop perhaps a few months to five years or more and would never be realized to come from multiple vaccinations. In other words, many children and adults have diseases and disorders that are vaccine induced and they never suspect they are from the vaccines, as this study indicates.


We find it amazing that despite mainstream media and leading government agencies stressing repeatedly that studies comparing vaccinated children to unvaccinated children cannot take place for ethical reasons, groups around the world are taking it upon themselves to do these studies anyway.

While surveys of this kind are often dismissed as being purely epidemiological and passed off as little more than stamp collecting, we believe that studies of this nature should not be dismissed out of hand. After all, many stamp collections contain just one stamp that is worth far more than its weight in gold.

These studies show without doubt that unvaccinated children are healthier than their vaccinated peers and, for this reason, these studies should be given careful consideration by all parents and professionals studying vaccination safety.