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Boric acid cure for yeast infections

A treatment for CANDIDA ALBICANS. infection based on a popular home remedy has been shown to be at least as affective as currently prescribed medications. Some recent double-blind study results show the effectiveness of different treatments for "yeast" infection - boric acid powder capsules 92% cure rate.

CANDIDA ALBICANS, the most common cause of vulvovaginitis (infection, itching, and pain of the vulva and vagina) accounts for nearly 20% of outpatient gynecology visits. The currently available medications, which are vaginal creams that many patients find to be costly and unpleasant to use, have only a 60% to 90% effectiveness rate. BORIC ACID POWDER, on the other hand, is inexpensive, well accepted by patients and is non toxic. You can make your own size 0 gelatin capsules with 600 mg. of boric acid powder, and it may cost you only .31 cents to make 14 capsules.

The boric acid treatment for yeast infections has been printed in and told about by the lay press for years. In vitro studies show that its effectiveness comes from its fungistatic properties.


At the University of Virginia, a study showed the results of treatment of 500 infected college students with intravaginal capsules containing 600 mg. of boric acid powder. The cure rate was 90%. Another study involved a double-blind comparison of boric acid and nystatin.

When statistically significant results were reached, the study was ended. It was found that 7 to 10 days after treatment 92% (45 of 49) of the patients treated with boric acid were cured, as measured by negative cultures and absent symptoms, as compared with 64% (35 of 55) of those treated with capsules containing 100,000 units of nystatin. At 30 days the cure rate was 76% for boric acid and 78% for nystatin. Symptom relief was attained at an equal rate in both drug groups.

So far nearly 2000 patients have been treated with boric acid powder capsules, given daily for one week then twice a week for three more weeks. Most patients had a little watery discharge during the treatment, but only six patients reported some local irritation.

Preliminary observations of the investigators suggest that a single weekly capsule of boric acid may prevent recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis.


Insert one capsule intravaginally each night for 7 days, then twice a week for three more weeks. Do not eat sweets.