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You are a natural born healer!

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What? You didn’t know that? Indeed, even before you breathed your first breath, you were designed with an amazing innate healing ability that allows your body to heal all disease!  Yes, it’s true!  Your body is fully equipped to heal everything from a cut on your hand to cancer in your colon and everything in between. That is, as long as there is no interference.

In fact, we have all witnessed this amazing healing in action on many occasions throughout are lives. Think about the last time you cut your finger.  Maybe you were distracted by your computer screen as you reached across your desk for a piece of paper and then – suddenly – felt that all too familiar intense, burning pain of a paper cut. You snatched your hand back and looked at the paper you were reaching for to see what had bitten you but nothing was there except the faint red tinge of your blood. You look at your finger and see a tiny, little slice in your skin. You think: “Holy cow! How can such a tiny cut bring such sharp pain!”

Innate Healing Of A Paper Cut 

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Now, once you stop the bleeding and move past the pain, what do you do to cause that little cut to heal? You may cover it with a bandage to keep it clean but does the bandage heal the cut? No, the cut will heal with or without a bandage.

Maybe you use some antibiotic cream to kill any germs but does the cream heal the wound? No, the wound heals with or without the cream, as well.  Your body’s innate healing works to heal the wound all on its own.  In fact, that little paper cut set into motion a cascade of over 20 microscopic, biochemical reactions!

Amazing! Those biochemical reactions  cause the blood to coagulate, form a clot and prepare the injured area for the rest of the healing process. You probably didn’t know that, yet your body clots blood and heals cuts all the time, regardless of your knowledge of the process. That automatic process is so complex that if only one step is absent, one little enzyme, your blood will not clot – a condition known as hemophilia.  It is an irreducibly complex process, a process that none of us could ever fashion on our own – truly a stamp of our Creator.

Innate Healing of Cancer

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Only YOU Can Heal Cancer!

“Okay”, you may say, “I get the blood clotting example but I have always been told that cancer runs in my family. There is nothing I can do about it.  One day I will get cancer too.”  My friend, I hope that I do not offend you but you have been lied to! Your body’s innate healing is designed to rid itself of cancer just as magnificently as it heals itself from a paper cut.

The immune system you were born with is designed to not only recognize and kill foreign invaders (bacteria, viruses, and parasites) but to recognize and kill aberrant cells that are part of your own body as well. Cancer cells are produced (and killed) in your body every day and you never realize it.  It is a part of the normal process of cell replication.

However, if something goes wrong in that process, a mutated cell may develop and replicate, forming a tumor. Your immune system has specialized cells that monitor your body for these mutated tumor cells, a process called immunosurveillance. Other cells, called natural killer T cells are designed to help your body kill those tumor cells. This is an innate process that happens every day in your body. Your body does not need any help to heal you of these cancer cells – it just needs no interference!

The Brain-Body Connection

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Neuroimmunology is the scientific field that studies the relationship of the immune system and the nervous system.  We have discussed some of the functions of the immune system (in killing cancer cells as well as foreign invaders) and endocrine system (in clotting blood) but it is the nervous system that brings your innate healing all together.

Your nervous system is composed of your brain, spinal cord and nerves.  The purpose of your nervous system is to control and coordinate the function of every cell, tissue and organ of your body. In order for you to enjoy the scent of a beautiful rose, or the sight of an amazing sunset, for that paper cut on your hand to heal, and for those immune system cells to function and kill cancer cells, information has to flow unimpeded from the brain, down the spinal cord and across your nerves to every cell and organ that is performing those functions.

Your nervous system is the master control system of your body controlling every function and all innate healing in your body.  In fact, your body’s ability to heal itself is directly related to the health of your nervous system.  When you nervous system is healthy and unobstructed, your body can function and heal at 100%.  However, if there is any interference in this normal flow of information from your brain to your body, healing is interrupted.


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