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Have you been told …… “There is no cure for what you have, no one can help you”..... Really?

Have you been told ……

“There is no cure for what you have, no one can help you”.....


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Many patients have been told this by their medical doctor and yet have gone on to find help through natural healthcare and chiropractic. It's not that the medical doctors were lying to them but what they were really saying is drugs and surgery can't help you. Their language is unfortunate because that traps many people with conditions they live with the rest of their lives. It's also sad that medical doctors are brainwashed in school into believing that if drugs and surgery can't help the patient in front of them, nothing else will.


Chiropractic and natural healthcare approaches the body with completely different eyes. We might do some of the same tests like lab work, MRIs or x-rays and physical exams but we interpret the information completely different in some cases. The focus of drug therapy is to find some chemical that will suppress your symptoms. It's like with type II diabetes where the body is not responding to the insulin it's producing so they use chemicals to force the sugar out through the kidneys. This doesn't help the cells that need sugar for proper metabolism to get the sugar they need it just limits the danger of ever increasing blood sugar levels. The natural approach focuses on nutritional and lifestyle changes that help the cells recognize and respond properly to the insulin.

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It's been said there are no incurable diseases just some incurable patients. The process of getting well can be complex and difficult in some cases the motivation to make the changes in lifestyle and diet are more than some people are willing to do thus they carry their condition to an early grave. The key in any health problem is breaking the code for that disease and to do that sometimes it's as simple as doing basic blood work and understanding the nutritional components of those findings but in some cases it's more complicated, requiring innovative tools to break the code. That's one reason we use a muscle reflex testing protocol that we call Vega testing. The founder of Vega testing was a German medical doctor/dentist who developed this test that included both the protocol of testing along with a sophisticated Ohm's machine to study the response from the body. Because that machine was both expensive and subject to operator error we decided to use a muscle reflex test to work the protocol, it is more objective and quicker. In Vega testing we monitor muscle reflexes in response to certain diagnostic ampules to help us break the code of the disease, understand the underlying components. We can quickly, in a lot of cases, find the underlying toxicity, emotional component, nutritional imbalance that’s allowing the condition to remain in the body. Your body has an ability to heal itself but that ability can be interfered with because of different blockages. Our goal is to determine what those blockages are and remove them allowing your body what it does best, heal.

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The basic approach that we use at Keefe Clinic includes determining what body type you are so we can establish the right ratio of fats, carbs and proteins for your particular genetic makeup. Along with that diet, detoxification, possibly an anti-inflammatory diet, and neurological balancing and establishing the necessary neurological pathways so the body can regulate itself and in turn heal itself. Targeted nutritional therapy, exercise, stress handling are just some of the techniques that were used to help the body.

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