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Neck and back pain 

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If you suffer from neck or back pain, you're not alone. Back pain particularly low back pain is the number one health problem in the United States and Chiropractic has long been shown to be the most effective treatment for this condition.

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Neck and back pain commonly come from a condition called spinal subluxation. This simply means that vertebra in the neck or back have moved out of the normal position causing irritation on nerves which affect muscles, organs and glands. You heard me right, that digestive problem you have had for a long time could have its roots in your spine. But we also need to mention that some spinal pain can be a reflection of an organ and stress referring pain to the spine. We can determine the source of the pain from our evaluation.

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Bad posture can be a cause of spinal misalignment but spinal misalignments can also cause bad posture. Car accidents, slips and falls, any kind of body jolt could produce misalignments that don't necessarily cause immediate symptoms. But over time if those misalignments are not corrected they will tend to develop into chronic neck and back pain. Surgery is rarely the appropriate treatment for most neck or back pain. Exercise can be part of the overall treatment for back pain but exercise alone will not correct the underlying cause. As you exercise your body produces more painkillers and so that could cover up the problem for a while. But trying to use exercise as the sole treatment for back pain is misguided. The spinal misalignments (subluxations) need to be corrected.

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As a chiropractic physician my focus is better function and better health. Approaches that just relieve symptoms do not produce better function or better health even things like exercise. Don't get me wrong exercise is important and conditioning the body and strengthening the muscles that hold your spine in proper alignment is important, it's just exercise alone cannot realign your spine. Once the natural pain killers wear off that you produce with exercise the symptoms will reappear. Remember the longer the underlying condition is allowed to stay in place the more complex and chronic the condition will become.

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Research from around the world has shown that chiropractic adjustments are the number one treatment for the back problems that produce back pain. Because of the effect that subluxations have on the nervous system many patients notice positive side effects from the treatment like better sleep, higher energy level and a better sense of well-being. The effects from removing spinal stress can improve your moods, your mental clarity, your coordination and balance.

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