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Study shows loss of cervical curve affects blood flow to the head

The Study: Decreased Vertebral Artery Hemodynamics in Patients with Loss of Cervical Lordosis

The Facts:

  1. According to the authors, the natural cervical lordosis is considered to be ideal.
  2. Loss of this lordosis "leads to disrupted biomechanics."
  3. The authors speculated that loss of the cervical lordosis could affect the vertebral arteries.
  4. There were 30 patients and 30 controls.
  5. The authors evaluated the cervical lordosis on lateral cervical radiographs.
  6. They used the posterior tangent method to measure the lordosis.
  7. They used doppler ultrasonographic examinations of the vertebral arteries.
  8. The authors concluded that, "The present study revealed a significant association between loss of cervical lordosis and decreased vertebral artery hemodynamics, including diameter, flow volume, and peak systolic velocity. Further studies are required to confirm these findings and to investigate their possible clinical implications." (emphasis ours)

Take Home:

Altered shape of the cervical lordosis may affect vertebral artery hemodynamics.