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CHIROPRACTIC: Keeping the immune system strong during cold and flu season Spinal adjustments have been shown to boost immune function because they serve to correct the spinal misalignments that cause neural dysfunction. ... Even one adjustment can bring about an immediate immune boost. A chiropractic adjustment isn't the only way to increase your immune function.  Several years ago a scientists studying chiropractic patients found they had a 200% more active immune system than the average person on the street.  Because the nervous system regulates and controls all other systems of the body including the immune system when you release stress on the nervous system through an adjustment you allow the immune system to better express itself in defending you against viruses and bacteria. It's important to maintain some type of regular care in order to reap these benefits. During cold and flu season is an excellent time to get weekly adjustments. Also remember the five laws of health: a clean diet including plenty of filtered water, some form of regular exercise, rest and relaxation (7-9 hours of sleep), a positive mental and spiritual attitude, and a nervous system free of pressure. As more and more independent research shows how ineffective the flu shot is, utilize natural healthcare to give your body the best chance. And if you notice early signs of a cold or they get testing can help determine the nutrients your body's needing to better fight. Remember, chiropractic first, drug second and surgery last. Stay well in the new year utilize regular chiropractic care.

WELLNESS: Immune-boosting foods to get you through cold and flu season  

Ginger tea When it comes to treating a common cold, ginger is one of the best foods for relief. In a review published in the International Journal of Preventative Medicine, researchers summarized that ginger’s potent anti-inflammtory properties were key in the root’s powers to combat a cold or flu. Oranges are packed with vitamin C, an essential nutrient when you’re feeling under the weather. Water When you’re feeling sick, good ol’ H2O can be one of the most helpful drinks to sip. Staying hydrated can help loosen trapped mucus. Greek yogurt is filled with sickness-fighting probiotics and is packed with more protein than regular yogurt. A meta-analysis published in the journal Korean Journal of Family Medicine found that probiotics can help to prevent and treat the common cold. Blueberries are filled with antioxidants that can help treat and prevent coughs and colds. According to research conducted by the University of Auckland, consuming flavonoids — a class of antioxidants found in blueberries — made adults 33 percent less likely to catch a cold than those who did not eat flavonoid-rich foods or supplements daily. Ginseng tea is popular for more reasons than its delicious taste. Namely, the tea has been used as a treatment for upper respiratory tract infections (aka the common cold). Wild salmon is filled with zinc, a nutrient that has been proven to assist with reducing common cold symptoms. Green tea is one of the best sources for fighting off a cold. It contains flavonoids, an antioxidant that boosts immunity, and has anti-inflammatory properties, according to a study published in the Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology. Garlic has built a reputation for being one of the best cold-curing foods, and for good reason. A review of the food published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews showed that a group of participants in a study who ate garlic over a three-month period only had 24 cases of the common cold total, a significant decrease in comparison to the 65 cases reported by the control group.

IN THE NEWS: Get dramatic relief from the symptoms of menopause naturally The good news: Multiple clinical studies demonstrate the efficacy of Siberian rhubarb. Used in Germany for over a quarter of a century to treat menopause symptoms, Siberian rhubarb extract is derived from the rhizomes (or underground stems) of rhapontic rhubarb, which is botanically known as Rheum rhaponticum. In a landmark study published in Menopause, researchers gave either a placebo or 4 mg of Siberian rhubarb extract a day to a group of 109 women suffering from symptoms of perimenopause.  And, the results were dramatic! The rhubarb group experienced a 54 percent decrease in total symptom scores, as measured by the Menopause Rating Scale (since 2004, the MRS has been acknowledged as the gold standard for evaluating menopausal symptoms). In addition, there were “significant improvements” in all 11 menopause symptoms.  In other words, there was no symptom that did not respond to the therapy – truly encouraging news! No adverse effects were reported, leading the team to conclude that the extract was well tolerated and safe.

FUNNY BONES: Anne went away to college and promptly became an avid animal right activist. When she came home for the Holidays she noticed her mother wearing a beautiful genuine fur coat. “Oh Mom,” Anne exclaimed in a disapproving tone, “some animal must have suffered terribly just so you can get a fur coat.” “ANNE!” Screamed her Mom Aghast ” I SEND YOU AWAY TO COLLEGE AND YOU COME BACK TALKING LIKE THAT?! HOW DARE YOU TALK THAT WAY ABOUT YOUR DAD!!!”@@ As a popular local politician I always try to help out whenever I can. So that’s how it came to be that when a fellow came up to me in a hotel lobby the other day and asked me for a small favor I was more then happy to oblige. “Hi,” said the fellow, introducing himself as Bob Smith. “I’m having a very important business meeting in a few minutes, and it’s very important that I impress them. If you can just come over during our meeting and say hello I would be forever indebted to you!” So that’s how a few minutes later, I found myself walking over to the fellow with a big smile on my face, “Hi Bob!” I said. “I barely got the words out of my mouth when Bob looked up with an annoyed expression, “DON’T BOTHER ME NOW CHRIS. CAN’T YOU SEE I’M IN THE MIDDLE OF AN IMPORTANT MEETING?!