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Week of: Monday June 29, 2020

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IN THE NEWS: Who Makes It Rain? Cloud seeding, in which dry ice pellets or silver iodide are applied to certain clouds to modify their output, is used to increase precipitation, decrease hail and clear fog. “In North Dakota, all seeding is done by aircraft. Base-seeding aircraft release seeding agent into updrafts from below the developing storm using a combination of wing-mounted ice nucleus generators and burn-in-place flares. Cloud-top seeding aircraft use ejectable flares and dry ice released directly into the supercooled cloud.” North Dakota reports that cloud seeding produces an estimated 5 percent to 10 percent additional rainfall annually while reducing crop hail losses by 45 percent. A group of North Dakota farmers has asked the County Commission to halt cloud-seeding programs for the remainder of the season, with some opponents suggesting the practice may be making dry conditions worse. June 9, 1972, is a date etched in the memories of many Rapid City, South Dakota, residents. During a period of just six hours, 10 inches of rain fell on the city, adding up to 14 inches overnight. Area streams overflowed and a dam at Canyon Lake failed, leading to massive flooding in the city that killed 238 people and injured 3,000 more.

WELLNESS: Grape seed extract (GSE) is a dietary supplement made by removing, drying, and pulverizing the bitter-tasting seeds of grapes. Grape seeds are rich in antioxidants, including phenolic acids, anthocyanins, flavonoids, and oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPCs). A review of 16 studies in 810 people found reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It has been shown to improve blood flow and could reduce oxidative damage as well as enhance collagen levels and bone strength. The flavonoids in combination with the antioxidants have an anti-inflammatory property that might delay neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's disease. Vitamin A&D and the lungs Vitamin A is involved in the proliferation and maintenance of epithelial cells, including those of the respiratory tract. It is a major factor regulating differentiation and maturation of the lung, and maternal vitamin A deficiency during pregnancy could have lasting adverse effects on the lung health of the offspring. Experts say vitamin D can decrease symptoms of the lung disease. People with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can reduce some symptoms by taking regular doses of vitamin D. Experts believe vitamins A, C, and E—the so-called ACE antioxidants—combat oxidative stress in the lungs that can lead to COPD. Several studies have shown that these vitamins, as well as vitamin D, may help improve lung health.

CHIROPRACTIC:  Before I started chiropractic care, I suffered from constant aching in my back, even after back surgery, so much so that I limped at times. As soon as two weeks after I began to get regular adjustments, I started noticing an improvement. I feel better knowing that I am being proactive about my health and that by having regular adjustments I am preventing future health issues. I have learned that spine health is so important. - L D.----  I have been an asthmatic since childhood. I have always dealt with the fact that a couple of times a year I would have an allergic reaction to the pollens and end up involved with my asthma. As new meds became available my doctor kept me on inhaled steroids hoping to manage my asthma. I maintained the status quo. Originally I went for chiropractic care to help me heal from a fall and eventually found relief from my asthma. I began to learn about how chiropractor care works and as my shoulder improved so did my asthma attacks. Chiropractic relieved the stress on my nervous system with adjustments to my upper spine. It sounds so simple but the adjustments enabled my body to fend off the pollens successfully. I stopped the steroids and no chest infections for many years. No one is more surprised than my allergist and my family. I am free. C.M.----"I was going through a period of complete exhaustion. When I got out of bed in the morning, I had to hold on to things to be able to move around due to weakness in my legs. Each forearm felt as though it was being broken in two. My muscles and bones hurt. I felt dizzy and had irregular heartbeats. The day after receiving an adjustment I felt better, and the day after that I felt like a new person. What a difference !! Nothing short of a miracle. Thanks to chiropractic I was able to start living again. I continue to have follow up treatments to keep the energies flowing through my body for optimum health."  D. S.

FUNNY BONES: Had a woman who was in active labor, despite insisting she couldn't be pregnant. She said her last period was "like ten months ago" so she'd gone through menopause. She was 25.@@ During surgery, my fellow resident bumped heads with the surgeon. “Ah, Dr Jones, a meeting of the minds,” he said, laughing it off. The surgeon mumbled, “Yes. And I felt so alone.”@@ I gave my patient the results of her sleep study: “It looks like you stopped breathing in your sleep over 65 times per hour.” Her response: “Did I start back?”@@ Patient: Doctor, I slipped in the grocery store and really hurt myself. Me: Where did you get hurt? Patient: Aisle six.@@ A gentleman calls our office with questions about an upcoming test he is scheduled for, and we talk at length about the procedure. Patient: I’m sorry to have so many questions. Me: Oh, that’s no problem. You can always call and ask for clarification when you need it. Patient: Thank you very much, Clara Fication! You’ve been very helpful.@@ I am an ER doc. I once had a 20 year old and his girlfriend come in at 2 am freaking out becuase "something had tore his throat open". He seemed fine. No blood. Breathing fine. I had him open his mouth, saw nothing. So didn't want him to lose confidence in me, clearly something had happened, so I'm looking, and looking....there is nothing wrong with this kids throat. Finally I say look, it seems ok...what do you feel or see? "I dont feel it but LOOK ITS RIGHT THERE". WHERE??? Looking, looking. It was his uvula. Somehow this kid had gotten to the age of 20 without ever noticing his uvula. Girlfriend was also horrified....I told them it was normal. Did not believe me. So I told them I was about to blow their minds and showed him his girlfriends uvula. Minds blown, another life saved in the ER.

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