Everyday more and more people are turning to chiropractic care to resolve a variety of health issues. People tire of traditional medicine usually only offering a prescription to mask the real problem. Chiropractic care offers the ability of actually healing health problems by keeping the body in a state in which it’s natural healing abilities can function properly. Your spine is your bodies information super highway and when a part of that highway is pinched off, due to subluxation of the vertebrate, information on what is happening in that area of your body is cut off from the brain blocking it’s ability to react to problems.

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Fix your allergies don’t just cover them up with drugs.

allergy_mixThis water-based homeopathic allergy mix can help reprogram your immune system’s reaction to pollens. It represents most pollens: grasses, trees, tobacco, cat and dog, weeds, etc.

Dosage: 10 drops three times a day is a classic dose, but if you need a stronger effect do five drops six times a day. Wetting the gauze of the small Band-Aid and placing somewhere on the body can give a sustained effect.

Customizing your mix. If you don’t feel the mix is fully effective for your particular environment. We recommend the following: take a cotton ball and dust the inside return air vent in your home, dust an outside window, inside your car and your workplace. Put these cotton balls in a sandwich baggie and mail to: Keefe clinic 5016 S. 79 E., Avenue Tulsa, OK 74145 and enclosed $15 for modification, shipping and handling and we will customize your mix.

Homeopathic HCG – Now available at Keefe Clinic

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Chiropractic Care

Government studies show that spinal adjusting is the number one active treatment for the cause of back pain. Also in 2008 the “Journal of human hypertension” found chiropractic as successful in controlling blood pressure as if the patient was given two different blood pressure medications at the same time.
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VEGA Testing

Dr. Keefe is one of the few U.S. physicians trained in this unique testing procedure which can determine the source of organ dysfunction, as well as locate other sites of developing disease in the body.
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Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy is the art and science of using nutritional products to correct the biochemical factors associated with disease. As a physician specializing in natural health care nutritional therapy is an important component in helping patients regain their health.
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